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The wand workshop specialises in creating hand crafted Selenite (Satin Spar), live wood, and crystal wands. Each wand is totally unique with its own vibration and character . Both Robert and Tania are practicing Reiki Masters and draw inspiration from many sources, which we feel is reflected in our work. The Wands are used by healers, Reiki Practitioners, Shaman, metaphysicians, Earth Magick Practitioners, Kinesologists, and energy workers all over the world.

In addition to co-creating wands we also produce a range of selenite lights, light boxes, crystal mandelas. Again all of our creations are hand crafted, these may be viewed from the creations pages.

The workshop is located in the spa town of Tunbridge Wells, England. Most are hand carved from selenite and assembled, together with specially chosen crystals, copper and other metals to create unique beautiful pieces. We now work on a commission only basis , feel free to look through the gallery pages for inspiration and get in contact with us if you feel we can be of service.

Due to a hectic home life and a young family we no longer visit shows and events, but we can be found on the interweb :-).

In addition to the wands and light tools available on the site, we specialise in commissioned pieces. If you are drawn to our style of work but cant find a piece which resonates with you, please contact us to discuss your design or ideas.

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We are pleased to recommend a fellow craftsman, Druidin who makes some fantastic wand cases to keep your chosen wand safe.

Each box measures approximately 18" L x 3-1/4" W x 3" H (inside dimensions 17" L x 2-1/4" W) and features leather hinges, three-dimensional symbol on lid (see options below), three-dimensional triple moon clasp, hatched inlay edging, and royal purple velvety cushion inside.

Drudin also does custom work! Have a design in mind? Email Drudin with the details of what you'd like. Details should include: desired size, color, carved designs, etc. Attach a sketch, if possible. Please include your name, telephone number and the best time to call, as Drudin will need to speak with you to be certain of the details! Prices vary for custom work, depending upon the materials and time involved in its creation. Drudin will provide a price quote once he has the specifics of what you desire

E-mail Druidin Direct

Click on the images or the links below will take you to pages for live wood wands, master wands, selenite wands, Selenite and crystal light tools. We also have pages of information on wand creation and use, wand care, crystal properties, and other metaphysical musings.

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Live Wood wands, and Staffs

These wands are available for purchase direct from the wand workshop

Spiral Master Wands
These wands are available for purchase direct from the wand workshop 

Curved Master Wands

These wands are available for purchase direct from the wand workshop
Sceptre Wands

These wands are available for purchase direct from the wand workshop
Palm Wands

Palms Gallery. now made on commission only

Light Tools Light tools Gallery. now made on commission only

Mandala Gallery - now made on commission only

Talismans Gallery. now made on commission only
Retail wands

Available direct from outlets ..please contact shops direct
Unadorned Selenite wands


Hourglass Selenite is a unique and very rare variety of Selenite from Canada. It brings with it the normal properties of selenite; the capacity to channel spiritual feeling as well as thought transmission. When viewed under ultra-violet light, the unique nature of this unique mineral is shown. Contained within it is a hidden image of an hourglass – a secret only revealed when placed under the higher frequency light of an ultra-violet lamp  

 We now have a range of truly beautiful selenite specimens from Canada. All are strongly UV fluorescent and iridescent.
Hour Glass Selenite Specimens

Selenite Specimens

A little light on crystals and energy.. a few thoughts.

Information on care and cleansing of your wand: 
Information on wands and wand creation
The Auric Sweep using Selenite WandsThe Auric Sweep  General information on crystal properties: Crystal Properties

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The galleries area will take you pages of creations which have been making since we started in 1999 to the present.

They are not for sale as the are already out in the world working with their partners, but the do show our work over the years and its a nice record of our work for us to look back on.

If you would like to see what we have been called to make in the past just click on The buttons below .


We specialise in web sites and graphic design for small companies , individuals, and organisations. Especially those of a spiritual nature. If you would like us to create something special for you please get in contact. Some examples of sites we have worked on may be seen at:

Raven 9 Host Page

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