All Talismans made on commission

We are being called to create a number of talismans for use on your chosen path. Each talisman will be unique and embodied with appropriate energy and symbolism for its purpose.

Talismans can be created in a range of live woods, or selenite. A talisman is made personally for an individual and empowered with the properties required, assisted by the choice of wood, crystals and the addition of runes or sacred symbols.

If you would like a talisman please e-mail us with your requirements.

Here are a few examples of talismans now serving. More examples may be seen in the gallery pages.

Selenite Talisman


Spiritual Warrior




We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our response and will normally answer any enquiry within 3 days. However on occasion we are away from the workshop for several weeks so please allow 28 days for delivery or communication.


We are aware that our work is a large investment , and can now offer the following as means of spreading the payment

Credit Cards

We can now accept a credit card exchange through Paypal - just use the paypal button to purchase.

if you don't have an account details at


We can accept international money orders IMO's in £ sterling or personal or business cheques in Stirling.

For UK customers we can accept a series of Post Dated cheques supported with a cheque guarantee card

please e-mail us for details.

Alternatively a deposit will secure your wand until you have saved the full exchange.