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Palm wands or palm stones are another light tool we have been working on. They may be held during meditation, or held in the hand when giving hands on healing, laid on the body or on chakra points, the uses are limitless. They may also be used as generators used in conjunction with your wand ,energy is received with the left and given with the right, so the palm is held in the left hand with the wand in your right as you work making even more energy available !

The top centre is a mandela palm, a fluorite tetrahedron sits in the centre, surrounded by iolites, amethysts, peridots, citriines and moonstones at the cardinal points. This is a unique piece completely one off , and is currently working with Paul Walsh Roberts of life of

The lower plain palm is fashioned from English Gypsum a form of selenite. This piece is one of three to be made. The selenite was given to us by John and Ann Kennedy my long suffering parents. They found the mineral after a cliff fall exposed the gypsum deposit in Devon on holiday. We have two pieces in the house but I have worked one of the blocks into palms. The energy on the pieces are quite unique, the white high chakra blended with the orange of the sacral chakra.

Commisioned Palm Wands

We have been called to co-create a number of palm wands in support of various healers and energy workers around the world. Here are a few examples of recent peices which may bring you inspiration.

All wands are now made on a commision only basis.

Please contact us via the contacts page to discuss your requirements for bespoke light tool.

Please be aware that in order to co-create a wand or light tool for you and your journey

there will be a considerable investment in time and resources.