Live Wood wands, and Staffs

These wands are all made from live wood. Live wood is wood gifted by the tree, with the request that the energy of the tree remains in the branch. We then make an energetic exchange with the tree in thanks for its gift.

We collect the wood at the appropriate season for the tree so it is at its maximum energy when the wood is gifted. The energy of the wooden wands is much more earthy in nature than the selenite wands and they compliment each other perfectly.

Spiral Master Wands

Spiral wands are charecterised by focussed energy flows. In addition to the powerful naturally flowing light energy of selenite, the carving of spirals further concentrates the energy. This has the effect of producing very powerful localised energy flows, which can be used in healing, meditation and manifestation work.

These wands are perfect for those applications which require a very precise focus of intent and energy.


Curved Master Wands

Curved wands are charecterised by more gentle energy flows. In addition to the powerful naturally flowing light energy of selenite, the carving of curved shapes adds a gentle feminine , water like, flowful energy. This more gentle style of selenite wand is perfect where gentle flowing energy is required during healing, and for auric sweeping techniques.

Sceptre Wands
We have been guided to co-create a range of very high energy wands , which to me have have an atlantean / lemurian style. The first design of this style of wand was received by Adrian, which resulted in us channeling a number of designs after completing his work. Our thanks go to Adrian who triggered the flow of these exiting co-creations.
Palm Wands
Another range we have co-created. We have called them palm wands or generators. They may be held during meditation, or held in the hand when giving hands on healing, laid on the body or on chakra points, the uses are limitless. They may also be used as generators used in conjunction with your wand ,energy is received with the left and given with the right, so the palm is held in the left hand with the wand in your right as you work making even more energy available !

Retail wands
We have a number of wands in retail establishments around the world. This page details many of the shops where our work may be viewed and obtained.

In addition to the wands and light tools available on the site, we specialise in commsioned peices. If you are drawn to our style of work but cant find a peice which resonates with you, please contact us to disuss your design or ideas.

Please e-mails us with your designs and specifications and we be honored to create your vision, if at all practical.



We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our response and will normally answer any enquiry within 3 days. However on occasion we are away from the workshop for several weeks so please allow 28 days for delivery or communication.


We are aware that our work is a large investment , and can now offer the following as means of spreading the payment

Credit Cards

We can now accept a credit card exchange through Paypal - just use the paypal button to purchase.

if you don't have an account details at


We can accept international money orders IMO's in £ sterling or personal or business cheques in Stirling.

For UK customers we can accept a series of Post Dated cheques supported with a cheque guarantee card

please e-mail us for details.

Alternatively a deposit will secure your wand until you have saved the full exchange.