The Gallery - Part 1

The following wands have all found their partners..Love and Light to you all!

 Richards Copper Spiral Wand

Copper Spiral Wand


This wand has now found its partner in Richard. Richard is a Reiki healer, in fact I was attuned to level 1 and 2 with him. The wand was my first experiment in spiral wands, he liked added the handle and the spiral and then he loved it ! It was pushing from him and others that brought about these pages.

New Home
With Richard Tunbridge Wells Kent England .. working hard !


Lynsey's Wand


This wand was created for Lynsey another Reiki Healer living in Tunbridge Wells. This is the most delicate wand created so far and the signature stones on it are very heart chakra orientated, which is much in keeping with the wands partner Lynsey. The cap stone is clear fluorite with pyrite inclusions, a purple fluorite pyramid sits at the top of the wand followed by malachite, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz cabochons. Faceted citrine, red garnet, and a beautiful faceted peridot finish the piece. The wand has a single spiral from the hilt to the point augmented by a copper wire wound into the spiral.

New Home
With Lynsey in Tunbridge Wells Kent England .. working hard !


Tania's Wand


This wand has now found its life partner as have I in Tania , my wife. The wand was made as a gift to mark Tania's mastery. The wand is crowned with a purple fluorite, below it sits another purple fluorite containing a natural Raku or divine lightning flash inclusion. The diamond below is faceted British Green fluorite which fluoresces blue under UV and sunlight. Lapis Lazuli, Malacite, and an electric blue moonstone cabochons sit below. A purple fluorite pyramid sits below these and a faceted amethyst and Iolite finish the piece. The wand has a single spiral from the hilt to the point augmented by a copper wire wound into the spiral. It is powerful piece well partnered with Tania.

New Home
At home with us. !

Triple Spiral wand


This wand is currently residing with Tania, who may part with it at a later date.

The wand is hand carved with 3 individual spirals interlaced, these represent the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies of mankind .The wand features a stone for each chakra, Garnet, Tigers Eye Chrysoprase, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst with a Labradorite Shield on top, and is crowned with clear Fluorite.

The wand was created on the week before the recent Solar Eclipse, in England (August 99). The symbology is one of our physical, emotional and spiritual energies blending through the chakra's to the clear fluorite at the crown as we ascend in harmony and balance. It is a powerful piece, and was a joy to be part of its creation.

New Home
With us Tunbridge Wells Kent and traveling in England .. working very hard !

Lyns Wand

Lynn's Wand


This wand was created for a very dear friend Lynn who along with partner Bob (see wand below) are our Reiki Teachers and light workers par excellence!. The wands were created and exchanged towards our Reiki mastery. Lyn's wand is crowned with purple fluorite, with a faceted amethyst, lapis lazuli and bloodstone cabochons. Siting below the crown is a beautiful blue lace agate cabochon chosen by Lynn , this is a stone with angelic connections like the wands partner. The wand has a single spiral enhanced with gold wire.

New Home
In Forest Row East Sussex England

Bobs Wand

Bob's Wand


This wand has found its true home with our friend and teacher Buddha Bob. The wand is crowned with a chiasolite slice, and features a purple fluorite pyramid and lapis and malachite cabochons. The wand has a carved spiral augmented by gold wire. This powerful, piece is well matched with its partner.

New Home
In Forest Row East Sussex

Spiral Master Wand

Kevin's Wand


This was the first of our master wands using purple fluorite. The wand was fashioned from selenite and has a hand carved clockwise spiral running down below the handle. The energy flow down the spiral is further augmented by a copper coil wound down the whole length of the wand. Purple fluorite aids connection and brings about spiritual growth. The wand is further augmented by a faceted amethyst and a shield shaped faceted amertrine stone. Amertrine is a natural blend of amethyst and citrine it holds both the violet and yellow rays which combines both the crown and third eye chakras, with the solar plexus energies, a powerful combination indeed.

Kevin has had the wand further augmented by the addition of three quartz points set in a channel in the handle, a powerful piece for a dear friend and fellow Reiki Master.


New Home

With Kevin, in Leigh on sea Essex.

Golden Spiral Wand

Giselle's Golden Spiral Wand


This master wand focuses on the yellow ray. It is capped by a golden yellow fluorite which may be used to enhance creativity and provide support with intellectual pursuits. Yellow fluorite may be used to balance group energies. The handle is of copper with a copper foil spiral wound round it. Just below the handle the wand is augmented by a faceted citrine.

New Home

With Giselle, helping her evolution and stepping into the light , Tunbridge Wells Kent.

Rock and Gem Show January 2000

Beltring Hop Farm -UK


The following wands have all found their partners at the rock and gem show. If any of the new owners would like an entry on this page give us a mail and we will add you.

Quartz Master wand

The wands above may be found at Mind Matters or Pure Magick in Canturbury.

Mind Matters

21 The Borough



01227 780000

The following are all working in and around the South East


Amethyst and Peridot Master Wand


This small delicate wand has a cut amethyst form as a capstone with a single faceted peridot below it. The wand has a single spiral augmented with copper wire. A delicate heart center wand, ideal for a healer , it is the first of a new range of smaller master wands.


Lady Healer Tunbridge Wells


Jenny's Wand and Palm

This stunning wand was commissioned by Jenny at the rock and gem show. She chose all the cabochons from our stock and selected the beautiful facetted amethyst cabochon which caps the wand at the show. The wand features Iolite, tanzanite, blue laced agate, garnet and rainbow obsidian cabochons.

It is complemented by a labradorite palm stone again with iolites and amethyst cabs.

Tom's Wand

Tom's Wand

This is our latest commission ( April 2000). It was made for our young friend Tom , who has chosen shamanism as one of his paths towards enlightenment. Tom is making his own very focussed wand in true shamanic tradition and asked us to make him a gentle less directional partner for it using selenite. The wand has a marvelous flowfulness to it . The wand is capped with a tigers eye point, flowing into amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite, and finished with a faceted citrine.

Tom has mailed us with some comments and how he has started using his wand , here it is ...

I've only owned my wand for a short time but even though I've already found several different uses for it I'll try and explain them in the next few lines. First of all I've chosen Shamanism to guide my life but these techniques can be easily adapted for whatever belief system you use. First of all you can use the wand to "brush" your Auric fibres, this can help relieve stress and is quite pleasant, as with so many of these techniques it's not what you do with the wand it's how you think, but I find if I think of the wand as a sort of whole body hairbrush it works best. A wand can be used for healing by using it to direct energy towards the Chakra that is injured. Finally my favorite use for a wand is to allow me to enter the spirit realms more easily, I imagine my being, my consciousness as white light flowing from my head down my arms, through my wand and out the tip towards the spirit realms. Of course you could use the wand to stir your coffee but I wouldn't recommend it!

Hope that's not to long Robert as I said feel free to edit it.

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often Your Friend Tom


24 cm long 2 cm wide.


Tom in Cheshire England


Labradorite Mandela

This is our latest commission ( May 2000). It was co created for Robert Torry and his Partner Lyn or Reiki Masters in exchange for our Reiki energy mastery. The piece features a large labradorite pyramid, with 4 clear quartz pyramids at the cardinal points. An array of laser quartz points low into the pyramids and into lapis , malachite, rhodochrosite, and moonstone cabochons.


Robert and Marilyn, East Sussex England


Palm Mandela

This is beautiful piece is now working with Paul and Alexandria Walsh Roberts. Paul and Alexandria are global light workers, energicians, and facilitators. They travel around the world teaching, healing, and bringing light in. It is an honour for our pieces to be working with them, they also have a malachite palm each in exchange for a stunning workshop.

Their web site may be found at life of


Paul and Alexandria

The Lovenlight Wand

The ' I AM' Wand

This is beautiful piece is now working with Paul and Alexandria Walsh Roberts along side the palm wands and palm mandela. Paul and Alexandria are global light workers, energicians, and facilitators. They travel around the world teaching, healing, and bringing light in.

This wand is truly awesome, and the energy is absolutely amazing, especially in the hands of Paul and Alexandria.

The high conductivity copper handled wand is topped with a female boji stone, the male boji of the pair is situated towards the point of the wand in the lower section of the handle. The upper section of the handle contains a selenite block to which a matrix of the following crystals are bonded: Green fluorite tetrahedron, an amethyst herkimer diamond twin, kyanite, Pyrite dodecahedron, and a quartz channeler crystal. This is touching the male boji which in turn touches a rutilated quartz sphere set into the top of the selenite.

The selenite is carved into a rounded 3 sided heavy shaft with three interlinking spirals augmented with copper wire. Each of the three faces has a different stone, a labradorite, chevron amethyst, and a moldavite cluster.

A true light tool for a pair of masters, and very dear friends.

Their web site may be found at life of light

Richards Wand

Richard's Wand

This mini master spiral wand is capped with quartz and features an deep amethyst cabochon. It is now partnered with Richard Jones in sheffield England.

The following is from Richards site Colours of the Dawn Web site

As a professionally qualified scientist I am by nature very sceptical and require explanations for almost everything. The only notable exception to this has been my contact with natural healing by means of the laying on of hands. Whilst a scientifically acceptable explanation of what natural healing is and how it works is not readily available the facts remain that people do get healed of physical ailments, peoples emotional problems get resolved and the whole experience of receiving healing makes you feel very very good. The laying on of hands is one of the most natural things in the world. If you, for example, knock your shins on something the first instinctive thing that you do is to grasp them with your hands. If a child is hurt, upset or frightened the first action of the mother is to hold the child with her hands and arms.

This is natural healing in its purest form, purely instinctive and loving.

The Mobile Reiki Service only operates locally around the Sheffield area of England. For an appointment or a brochure, contact me by the methods below. Richard Jones is a Reiki Master/Teacher certified by and teaching at the White Space Reiki Centre, 10 Dover Road, Sheffield, England S11 8RH. Training to Reiki levels I & II are available at regularly held workshops.

The following is from Richards e-mail

. The wand and I are starting to work together very well and I feel that a real companion has joined to work with me, both whilst healing and meditating. It seems to be inspiring me to work more intuitively and to bring better results in whatever we are working on. I look forward very much to seeing where our joint path is going to lead. Thank you again for bringing us together.

Reiki blessings



Richard Sheffield England

Patricia's Wand

Patricia's Wand

This is beautiful wand has found its partner with Patricia a Reiki Master from the USA. Patricias wand is very delicate and features a rutilated quartz sphere on top of a silver aluminium handle. Below the handle is an amethyst cabochon, a pink tourmaline crystal and a beautiful moonstone. The wand features a single spiral augmented with silver plated wire.

The wand was commissioned by Patricia and co created using her ideas, and choice of crystals. It was a true joy to work with her guides during the creation of this wand, particularly the phoenix energy which is her symbol.


Patricia Carter Florida USA

Geraldines Wand

Geraldine's Wand

This is beautiful wand has found its partner with Geraldine. She wanted a wand to help her with focus and her mother commissioned the wand for her birthday. Here is an extract of the e-mail she sent us. Our thanks go to Geraldine and Sandra for her kind thoughts and words.

Thank you very much for the wand, it's beautiful & 'it hums' (I hope that makes sense). I've wrapped some purple & gold material around the tubing case you made, it's now very pretty as well as being fully portable.

I have heard lovely things about you from various people and I would like to meet you and see your workshop. Thank You Again. I don't know any other way of describing the wand other than beautiful, powerful & nice (I don't like the word 'nice', but it's the best word I can think of right now).

Please feel free to put this wand on your web-site, people need to know exactly what different things are out there, and what they can be used for.

Hope To Meet You Soon

Geraldine Dyer


Geraldine Dyer South East England

Kempton Park Rock and Gem Show

Kempton Park

Well here is the stand at Kempton Park Show in July 2000. Below are 2 of the mini master wands sold at the show. We had a great time as ever and it was good to meet people and widen the exposure of the wand workshop. We will be in Cheltenham show later in the year, so if you want to meet us in person make yourself known at the stall.

Quartz Sphere lapis Mini Master Wand


This wand is another recent addition to the mini master series. It features a quartz sphere, a lapis cabochon and a single amethyst stud. The double spiral is augmented with silver plated wire. It found its partner at Kempton Park.

rose quartz mini master Wand

Rose Quartz and Malachite Mini Master Wand


This spiral wand has a rose quartz point , it features a malachite cabochon on the copper band, and a rhodochrosite cabochon on the body of the wand. All are heart chakra orientated stones. Again this wand found her partner at Kempton Park Show.

Tigers eye Wand

The Tigers Eye Wand


This wand is a curved wand which has been augmented by the addition of a lot of tigers eye! Tigers eye is said to combine the energies of the sun with sand, and is a very practical stone. This wand was the 3rd wand we co-created and has been waiting for Debbie for over 2 years. She visited us with Chris to buy some selenite for an truly inspired project they are working on. It is a huge meditation pyramid 10 feet in height which will use a selenite column to produce coloured light specific to each chakra. The project sounds amazing and I am looking forward to seeing it completed, and having a play.


Debbie Taylor, England

Quartz Master Wand

The Dallaway Crystal Sphere Master Spiral Wand


This stunning wand features a truly amazing crystal ball, filled with rainbows. The sphere is set on a brass handle leading into a large selenite shaft with a double spiral augmented by gold wire. The wand is finished with a very dark purple oval shaped cabochon , and Iolite and citrine cabochons. It is now Patnered with Ian, a fellow Reiki practitioner working towards Reiki mastery. The powerful yet gentle energy of the wand are well matched to Ian who came to the workshop to connect with his wand. This wand was a joy to make and it was great to meet the wands partner face to face.


Ian Dallaway. Bromley Kent

The Cairngorm Wand

Dennis's Cairngorm Wand


This wand is another spiral-master wand, it has two inter-laced spirals augmented with copper wire. The wand is capped by a facetted Cairngorm (Scottish Smoky Quartz). The wand is further augmented by Malachite and Malachite/Azurite cabochons. These stones are heart and heart/throat centered stones working with the upper chakra's. The wand also features an electric blue moonstone and deep blue Labradorite cabochon - both of these stones are spectolites and exhibit deep colour changes as they are moved in light.

Dennis is a dear friend and fellow Reiki master. He teaches Seichem on the grail quest along with Robert Marilyn Tania and Myself. It was a true joy to unite this beautiful wand with its life partner. The wand was given to Dennis at the earthstar opening ceremony.

Dennis has an excellent web site on


With Dennis Barker in London and traveling the world.

Jennys wand

Jenny's Heart Centre Wand

This stunning wand was commissioned by Jenny just before her Reiki Level 1 initiations. The wand was co-created around the full moon. The stones were all washed in chalice well water and the wand was polished using the beautiful energised water from the well. The wand was commissioned to assist Jenny in her work and to augment her other wand.

The wand features a citrine top, a citrine, rhodochrosite, chrysocalla, and an emerald.


Serving with Jenny in Bromley


Jenny's Quartz turquoise Mini Master Wand

This unusual addition to the mini master series feature a turquoise oval with a faceted amethyst set on it. It is quite heavy set for a small wand and features a double spiral augmented with copper wire. Jenny fell in love with it at her Reiki 1 and it complements her other wands beautifully.

Helens Wand

Helens Citrine Wand

This is a truly stunning wand, the picture does not do it justice. The wand features a beautiful faceted citrine cap below which sits an amethyst, another faceted citrine, and a small peridot stud. The wand was carved in the hurlers stone circle nr Minions in Cornwall. The stone circle is one of 3 and the wand was carved in the centre ring. This ring marks a crossing point of the Mary and Michael ley lines. These two major earth energy currents one masculine and one feminine flow across England and cross at several major sites , the Hurlers, Glastonbury Torr, Avebury Stone Circle, and Royston. It is a truly magical place and the high energy of the environment is reflected in the wand.

The wand found her partner at Cheltenham rock and gem show. It was great to meet Helen and the wand certainly found her ideal partner.

Robyns Wand

Robyns Wand

This is Robyns Wand. It has evolved from the original plain spiral wand we originally intended. The wand is capped with a clear quartz sphere set on a ring. Below the ring is a lovely moonstone cabochon. Creating this wand was a joy and It is great to see such a beautiful piece going stateside to Robyn.

Here is an exsert from the e-mail Robyn sent us when she received her wand..

Hello! Guess what!

The wand made it here already!!! I was very careful unpacking it - and you were so right - the picture did not do it justice!!! It is so perfect, and the more I hold it, the more I appreciate it! We are getting acquainted. The energy of the wand feels equally familiar and new - it is very vital/strong...very clear/pure.......... I am frustrated with words at the moment!! But what am I saying? You already now this wand on an intimate level, better than me!!! It reminds me of the feeling you get when you are on a long car trip and channel-surfing on the radio, trying to get something good on, when all of a sudden you happen onto a station that not only plays the 'right' stuff, but the clarity is so good that you realize that what you had been listening to wasn't coming in very clear, you had just gotten used to the static! Maybe a bit dramatic - I haven't worked with it yet! It does feel good though!! There is an angelic energy about it - yes, that is what is both familiar and new!!! It's like an energy that has always been around, but I just haven't been consciously aware of it - very friendly. Sorry, I know I have said this b4, but I tend to ramble when I am feeling about for the right words!

What more can I say !


With Robyn in Port Angeles Washington USA