Kirlian Photograph of a crystal - see the life !

Unconditional Love. Love without Conditions

You are unique - different from all others.

Without reservation or hesitation, I allow you to be in the world as you are without a thought or word of judgement from me. I see no error in the things you may say and do, feel and believe since I understand that you are honouring yourself by being and doing what is true to you. I cannot walk life through your eyes nor see it through your heart. I have not been where you have been and experienced what you have experienced, viewing life from your unique angle.

I appreciate you exactly as you are, being your own unique spark of the infinite consciousness, seeking to find your own individual way to relate to the world. Without reservation or hesitation, I allow you every choice to learn in the way you feel is right for you. It is vital that you be your own person and not someone that I or others think you 'should' be. To the best of my ability, without denigrating or compromising myself in any way, and I will support you in that.

I cannot know what is for your highest good, what is true for you or what you need since I do not know what you have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in what time period. Only you can feel your inner excitement and hear your inner voice - I only have my own.

I acknowledge that, though they may be different to each other, the many ways to perceive and experience the various facets of our world are all valid. Without reservation or hesitation, I allow the choices you make in each moment. I make no judgement of this for it is imperative that I honour your right to your individual evolution, because it empowers that right for myself and all others.

To those who would choose a way I cannot or would not walk, whilst I may not choose to add my power and my energy to that way, I will never deny you the gift of love that God has bestowed within me, for all creation. As I love you, so shall I be loved. As I sow, so shall I reap.

Without reservation or hesitation, I allow you the universal right of free will to walk your own path, creating steps or sitting still if and when you feel it is right for you. I cannot always see the higher picture of Divine Order and so I will make no judgement that your steps are large or small, nor light or heavy or that they lead up or down, for that would just be my viewpoint. Though I may see you do nothing and judge it to be unworthy, I acknowledge that you may be the one who brings great healing as you stand calm, blessed by the Light of God.

For it is the inalienable right of all life to choose their own evolution, and without reservation or hesitation I acknowledge your right to determine your own future. In humility, I bow to the realisation that the way I see as best for me does not have to mean that it is also right for you, that what I believe is not necessarily true for you. I know that you are led as I am, following your inner excitement to know your own path.

I know that the many races, religions, customs, nationalities and beliefs within our world bring us great richness and allow us the benefits and teachings of such diverseness. I know we each learn in our own unique way in order to bring that love and wisdom back to the whole. I understand that if there were only one way to do something, there would need only be one person.

I will appreciate your unique inner light whether or not you behave in a way I think you should or believe in those things I believe in. I understand you are truly my brother and my sister, though you may have been born in a different place and believe in different ideals.

The love I feel is for absolutely all that is. I know that every living thing is a part of one consciousness and I feel a love deep within for every person, animal, tree, stone and flower, every bird, river and ocean and for all that is in all the world.

I live my life in loving service, being the best me I can, becoming wiser in the perfection of Divine Truth, becoming happier, healthier and increasingly abundant and joyous.

Though along the way I may like you, feel indifferent towards you, or dislike you, I will not stop loving you - honouring your uniqueness and allowing you to be you. That is the key to peace and harmony in our lives and around our Earth since it is the capstone of Unconditional Love.

Adapted by Paul and Alexandria Walsh Roberts from an unknown original.

His Final Message to Mankind From Hotevilla,

Arizona, USA, on Hopi Sovereign Land Dan Evehema,

Eldest Elder

I am very glad to have this time to send a message to you. We are celebrating a time in our history which is both filled with joy and sadness. I am very glad that our Hindu brothers have given us this opportunity to share these feelings with you because we know many of you are having the same troubles. We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit "Massauu" due mainly to corruption, greed, and turning away from the Great Spirit's teachings. The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few faithful ones who asked and received a permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land. The Great Spirit said, "It is up to you, if you are willing to live my poor, humble, and simple life way. It is hard but if you agree to live according to my teachings and instructions, if you never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me." The Hopi and all who were saved from the great flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit at that time. We Hopi made an oath that we will never turn away from Him. For us the Creator's laws never change or break down.

To the Hopi the Great Spirit is all powerful. He appeared to the first people as a man and talked with them in the beginning of this creation world. He taught us how to live, to worship, where to go and what food to carry, gave us seeds to plant and harvest. He gave us a set of sacred stone tablets into which He breathed all teachings in order to safeguard his land and life. In these stone tablets were made, instructions and prophecies and warnings. This was done with the help of a Spider woman and Her two grandsons. They were wise and powerful helpers of the Great Spirit. Before the Great Spirit went into hiding, He and Spider woman put before the leaders of the different groups of people many colors and sizes of corn for them to choose their food in this world. The Hopi was the last to pick and then choose their food in this world. The Hopi then chose the smallest ear of corn. Then Massauu said, "You have shown me you are wise and humble. For this reason you will be called Hopi (people of peace) and I will place in your authority all land and life to guard, protect, and hold trust for Me until I return to you in later days for I am the First and the Last." This why when a Hopi is ordained into the higher religious order, the earth and all living things are placed upon his hands. He becomes a parent to all life on earth. He is entitled to advise and correct his children in whatever peaceful way he can. So we can never give up knowing that our message of peace will reach our children.

Then it is together with the other spiritual leaders the destiny of our future children is placed. We are instructed to hold this world in balance within the land and the many universes with special prayers and ritual which continue to this day. It was to the Spider woman's two grandsons the sacred stone tablets were given. These two brothers were then instructed to carry them to a place the Great Spirit had instructed them. The older brother was to go immediately to the east, to the rising sun and upon reaching his destination was instructed to immediately start to look for his younger brother who shall remain in the land of the Great Spirit. The Older brothers mission when he returned was to help his younger brother (Hopi) bring obout peace, brotherhood and everlasting life on his return. Hopi, the younger brother, was instructed to cover all land and mark it well with footprints and sacred markings to claim this land for the Creator and peace on earth. We established our ceremonials and sacred shrines to hold this world in balance in accordance with our first promise to the Creator. This is how our migration story goes, until we meet the Creator at Old Oribe (place that solidifies) over 1000 years ago. It was at that meeting when he gave to us these prophecies to give to you now at this closing of the Fourth World of destruction and the beginning of the Fifth World of peace. He gave us many prophecies to pass on to you and all have come to pass. This is how we know the timing is now to reveal the last warnings and instructions to mankind. We were told to settle permanently here in Hopi land where we met the Great Spirit and wait for Older Brother who went east to return to us.

When he returns to this land he will place his stone tablets side by side to show all the world that they are our true brothers. When the road in the sky has been fulfilled and when the inventing of something, in Hopi means, gourd of ashes, a gourd that when drops upon the earth will boil everything within a large space and nothing will grow for a very long time. When the leaders turned to evil ways instead of the Great Spirit we were told there would be many ways this life may be destroyed. If human kind does not heed our prophecy and return to one's original spiritual instructions. We were told of three helpers who were commissioned by the Great Spirit to help Hopi bring about the peaceful life on earth would appear to help us and we should not change our homes, our ceremonials, our hair, because the true helpers might not recognize us as the true Hopi. So we have been waiting all these years. It is known that our True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own. He will bring with him the sacred stone tablets. With him there will be two great ones both very wise and powerful. One will have a symbol or sign of swastika which represents purity and is Female, a producer of life. The third one or the second one of the two helpers to our True White Brother will have a sign of a symbol of the sun. He, too, will be many people and very wise and powerful. We have in our sacred Kachina ceremonies a gourd rattle which is still in use today with these symbols of these powerful helpers of our True Brother.

It is also prophesied that if these three fail to fulfill their mission then the one from the west will come like a big storm. He will be many, in numbers and unmerciful. When he comes he will cover the land like the red ants and over take this land in one day. If the three helpers chosen by the Creator fulfill their sacred mission and even if there are only one, two, or three of the true Hopi remaining holding fast to the last ancient teaching and instructions the Great Spirit, Massauu will appear before all and our would will be saved. The three will lay our a new life plan which leads to everlasting life and peace. The earth will become new as it was from the beginning. Flowers will bloom again, wild game will return to barren lands and there will be abundance of food for all. Those who are saved will share everything equally and they all will recognize Great Spirit and speak one language. We are now faced with great problems, not only here but throughout the land. A

ncient cultures are being annihilated. Our people's lands are being taken from them, leaving them no place to call their own. Why is this happening? It is happening because many have given up or manipulated their original spiritual teachings. The way of life which the Great Spirit has given to all its people of the world, whatever your original instructions are not being honored. It is because of this great sickness called greed, which infects every land and country that simple people are losing what they have kept for thousands of years. Now we are at the very end of our trail. Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life. We are instructed in our ancient prophecy that this would occur. We were told that someone would try to go up to the moon: that they would bring something back from the moon; and that after that, nature would show signs of losing its balance. Now we see that coming about. All over the world there are now many signs that nature is no longer in balance. Floods, drought, earthquakes, and great storms are occurring and causing much suffering. We do not want this to occur in our country and we pray to the Great Spirit to save us from such things. But there are now signs that this very same thing might happen very soon on our own land. Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters. T

here is no more time for divisions between people. Today I call upon all of us, from right here at home, Hotevilla, where we to are guilty of gossiping and causing divisions even among our own families; out to the entire world where thievery, war, and lying goes on every day. These divisions will not be our salvation. Wars only bring more wars never peace. Only by joining together in a Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved from the terrible Purification Day which is just ahead. There are many of you in this world who are honest people. We know you spiritually for we are the "Men's Society Grandfathers" who have been charged to pray for you and all life on earth never forgetting anything or any one in our ceremonials. Our prayer is to have a good happy life, plenty of soft gentle rain for abundant crops. We pray for balance on earth to live in peace and leave a beautiful world to the children yet to come. We know you have good hearts but good hearts are not enough to help us out with these great problems. In the past some of you have tried to help us Hopis, and we will always be thankful for you efforts. But now we need your help in the worst way. We want the people of the world to know the truth of our situation. This land which people call the Land of the Freedom celebrates many days reminding people of the world of these things. Y

et in well over 200 years the original Americans have not seen a free day. We are suffering the final insult. Our people are now losing the one thing which give life and meaning of life -- our ceremonial land, which is being taken away from us. Hotevilla is the last holy consecrated, undisturbed traditional Native American sacred shrine to the Creator. As the prophecy says, this sacred shrine must keep its spiritual pathways open. This village is the spiritual vortex for the Hopi to guide the many awakening Native Americans and other true hearts home to their own unique culture. Hotevilla was established by the last remaining spiritual elders to maintain peace and balance on this continent from the tip of South America up to Alaska. Many of our friends say Hotevilla is a sacred shrine, a national and world treasure and must be preserved. We need your help. Where is the freedom which you all fight for and sacrifice your children for? Is it only the Indian people who have lost or are all Americans losing the very thing which you original came here to find? We don't share the freedom of the press because what gets into the papers is what the government wants people to believe, not what is really happening. We have no freedom of speech, because we are persecuted by our own people for speaking our beliefs. We are at the final stages now and there is a last force that is about to take away our remaining homeland.

We are still being denied many things including the rite to be Hopis and to make our living in accordance with our religious teachings. The Hopi leaders have warned leaders in the White House and the leaders in the Glass House but they do not listen. So as our prophecy says then it must be up to the people with good pure hearts that will not be afraid to help us to fulfill our destiny in peace for this world. We now stand at a cross road whether to lead ourselves in everlasting life or total destruction. We believe that human beings spiritual power through prayer is so strong it decides life on earth. So many people have come to Hopiland to meet with us. Some of you we have met on your lands. Many times people have asked how they can help us. Now I hope and pray that your help will come. If you have a way to spread the truth, through the newspapers, radio, books, thought meeting with powerful people, tell the truth! Tell them what you know to be true.

Tell them what you have seen here; what you have heard us say; what you have seen with your own eyes. In this way, if we do fall, let it be said that we tried, right up to the end, to hold fast to the path of peace as we were originally instructed to do by the Great Spirit. Should you really succeed, we will all realize our mistakes of the past and return to the true path-living in harmony as brothers and sisters, sharing our mother, the earth with all other living creatures. In this way we could bring about a new world. A world which would be led by the great Spirit and our mother will provide plenty and happiness for all. God bless you, each one of you and know our prayers for peace meet yours as the sun rises and sets. May the Great Spirit guide you safely into the path of love, peace freedom and God on this Earth Mother.

May the holy ancestors of love and light keep you safe in your land and homes. Pray for God to give you something important to do in this great work which lies ahead of us all to bring peace on earth. We the Hopi still hold the sacred stone tablets and now await the coming of our True White Brother and others seriously ready to work for the Creator's peace on earth. Be well, my children, and think good thoughts of peace and togetherness. Peace for all life on earth and peace with one another in our homes, families and countries. We are not so different in the Creator's eyes.

The same great Father Sun shines his love on each of us daily just as Mother Earth prepares the sustanance for our table, do they not? We are one after all

Native Wisdom

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

The Wand Workshop - A Little light on Crystals and Energy

Note:- As with all information presented on these pages , this is our truth. It is not my aim to upset anyone just challenge a few commonly held truths, and maybe help broaden a few horizons.

If you resonate with the information on this page that is perfect for you , if you disagree with everything on this page that is also perfect for you. A philosophy which works is to draw your water from many wells, keep what works for you and discard that which does not work or no longer works for you.

What are crystals ?

Crystals can be considered on many levels, at the physical level they are matrices of atoms of various elements. The crystals often consist of common elements such as silicon dioxide with the addition of minute traces of other minerals and metals. It is these unique and perfect combinations that give each crystal form is unique appearance and properties, both physical and metaphysical.

All of creation is energy !

All of creation can be considered as energy , its form and characteristics and properties are a function of the vibration of the energy. The lower the vibration the more solid it appears. I say appears, but this is not really the case. Take for example the table on which your computer is currently standing, the wood or material it is made of consists of a bunch of tiny atoms, which consist of a very tiny nucleus and tiny electrons whizzing around the nucleus, and the rest of the atoms is just empty space. So your table which you used to think of as a solid object is basically mainly of empty space. In fact the only thing keeping the computer from landing in your lap is the repulsion between the electrons of the computer and the electrons of the table, try pushing the like the poles of a bar magnet together . So although we perceive things as solid objects that is not the case.

Right wake up at the back, the above scientific bit is just an example of things we perceive which are not always the case.

How do crystals help us heal ?

Everything is basically energy, vibrating at certain frequencies. There are always interchanges and exchanges between these energy fields. We perceive these energy fields and label similar energy fields as trees, desks , and people and of course crystals. So each part of creation has for want of a simple description a frequency signature. That includes us and if part of us is not vibrating at the right frequency ,ie its off key, then this can manifest as illness and disease.

If a crystal holds in its frequency signature the right frequency then it can bring about a change in us as we and the crystal come into harmonious vibration. This then corrects the frequency of the illness and brings about healing. So crystals can be considered as healing tuning forks for us and our environment.

All of creation can be considered conscious !

In addition to the vibrational aspect crystals (in fact all of creation) is also conscious, and conscious things often help each other to heal and gain new experience.

Crystal are conscious ? I sense some disbelief from the back :-) It may be a consciousness so radically different from us, operating at completely different wave lengths and vibrations from humans but they are still conscious, just conscious in a different way to humans.

Two fine examples of vibrational perception ( which can be equated to consciousness perception.)

Crickets chirping to us just sounds like a load of clicks and whistles, because we perceive the sound in our frequency band. But if the sounds are recorded and extended so that the crickets lifetime is extended to comparable human lifetimes ie (put the sound into our time scale and frequency band) then the clicks become melodious , beautiful lilting songs.

Trees don't make sounds !.... wrong the sound they make as the grow is so slow compared to our perception that we miss it. If we record all the frequencies around a tree growing and then condense it into our frequency experience they make the most amazing tones.

Well that's about all that springs to mind, I intended to use this page as a forum for spreading the thoughts and musing's of an alchemist wand maker... please take what you want from the above, think on it meditate on it. Let me know what you think, but if it does not resonate with you then that is equally cool.. it works for me !

Channeled Messages

The following section is all channeled information from The Galactic Council and various representatives from the council, please feel free to take what you want from these messages.

We send greetings at this time from the Galactic council to the masters in embodiment. We are one and we are many we speak as one voice. It is with such joy that we blend with members of your collective, these are times of great joy throughout the spheres of existence as you move on in your journeys We come in love in support and in services to the light to all that is. We are.

As you walk along lifes path looking forward to where you are going and what you are achieving, take time to observe and absorb the now time in which you are present. It is by this observation that life gains meaning and you are refreshed and replenished on your journey. Beauty is often observed in the minute of life in the light on the dew of the spiders web , in the detail of a single leaf.

8/6/99 On crop circles.

Crop circles may be described as keys of consciousness, they are placed into the energy matrix of this dear planet to assist her in her in the journey of ascension that she has chosen to under go at this time. As the energy is placed in the grid it sometimes leaves impressions o if the media below the grid is suitable such as a field of crops, these patterns are placed by the masters who assist in this process in many locations but they do not leave and impression if centered on a car park. A field of crops has depth, such that the complexity of the vortex may be observed in the layers of the crop within the imprint left. The sites chosen are more likely where the gias skin is exposed and not capped by man made constructions but will be placed where is most suitable. Each of the patterns observed is a vibration a thoughtform which mainifets as an individual pattern, these same patterns make up the vibrational consciousness of this planets inhabitants and that is why they are so familiar and even comforting to those of you who recognise them, some may find them disturbing at a rational level but all are moved by them, The image or pattern observed in crops or in your third eye in meditation could be 3 d representations of 5d 7d or higher vibrational though forms depending on the requirements and the master or collective working with the energy grid of this planet. Some of the more complex images observed, you know them as pictograms may be collections of symbols strung together as a harmonic or tone vibrational thought forms, these elements may build into complex and flowful patterns like the notes of a musical scale or a chord. In addition to serving the planet these sacred symbols of the divine also serve to elevate the consciousness of the population to bring them all into oneness. The event of your ascension is unique for you are moving in time and tempo with the planet of your birth so you will ascend together, it is more usual for this ascension of a population to be driven up following the ascension of the planetary consciousness, this is why we are come to support you in this magnificent venture, you are loved you are supported, we are one OM shanti.

Note: - This was given by elements of the galactic council- felt very full at start asked for gentleness and felt like several spokespersons ( Hum may be spokes energies- The Merlin) stepped forwards to speak, was barely aware as I typed, sensations of coolness and wind flowing around my palms, a most beautiful experience.

Crop Circles part 2

As we have stated, crop circles may be considered keys of consciousness, vibrational imprints of energy exchange, as activation is required and requested by the population of this planet the keys are assembled to activate the subtle bodies and energies. Much as a keyboard has all the keys required to write a mighty work, but until the keys are pressed in the right order, a keyboard is just a collection of letters. The appearance in crops allows the depth of the pattern to be clearly observed many layers build a circle at various heights and this is observed in the crop. As objects of beauty they place observers into a state of oneness with all that is as the rational brain steps back. Some circles are imprints left by the energy exchange by the masters and other races who work in support of this planet as the earth's energy net changes. Although the energy may be exchanged at a specific site, say Ayres rock the resonance of this imprint of this energy exchange will travel through the grid and may manifest at any point in the matrix at nodal points or other junctions in the grid. If this point is over above , below or in a crop then a pattern may be left.

The nature of Perceived Reality.

The 3d reality which we as human beings experience within this sphere of existence could be described as an audio, visual, olfactory, and tactile impression of an energy pattern. In much the same way as we do not perceive the numbers and algorithms of a virtual reality computer game or a computer generated animated film we are aware of the perception , the interpretation of the program as a series of shapes and sounds generated on a screen. Thus the world we appear to live in is little more than a similar perception of an energy pattern. While we are not consciously aware of the underlying " energy program" and algorithms of existence we perceive this as the 3 d reality of the universe. Much of the pain and grief we perceive in these times of great change are just the perceived impressions of an energy pattern as the old fear based program brought about by the energetic fall of man is replaced and transmuted into an enlightened and light filled energy pattern as we move back to source.

Changes in the Human DNA structure.

It has been proposed by a number of authors that different realities i.e. 3d , 5d etc have different DNA series is this the case ?

. The number of cross overs or nodal points in the DNA helix ( A cadeus in 2d representation) are linked to the dimension or dimensional overtone. The DNA structure is a perceived pattern or model of the carrier wave for want of a better description for each dimension. Thus in 5d where there is increased light to 3d and vibrations of finer and finer frequency then there is a more complex carrier wave to accommodate the extra frequencies for that environment and hence a perceived increase in the DNA in life streams inhabiting these dimensions.

On the purpose of Humans in Gia's Ascension.

As multidimensional spiritual light life streams and master co creators we are not always aware of what we achieve within the subconscious part of our existence on this energy pattern known as planet earth. Indeed in order to be allowed to participate in Gia's ascension we have to earn our wings by living in this environment and by experiencing the dysfunctional nature totally by forgetting our true nature until the correct moment to start our remembrance and concisely start our true work helping this planet achieve her aim of ascension. Although at times we fall into the illusion trap we are not aware of the energy we subconsciously channel into this energetic system, and the beautiful ways in which we serve, although we may be unaware this in no way negates the fact that we do. We are normally very aware of when we serve and channel these energies consciously in healing circles, meditations, hands on healing and the like and these are high times in our 'lives' however we are serving just as much as we clean our cars, do the washing , the shopping sit at our desks and the other supposedly mundane aspects of existence in this realm. The appreciation of beauty in a flower, a sunset, a landscape a river valley and a quite word of thanks serves as much as apparently mighty works of meditation, by our presence alone we bring purpose. Many came at the request of Gia with the blessing of great spirit and serve her now , enjoy

The channeling process

Q How does channelling work?

In order to experience life you decrease your vibration to such a level that some of your energetic pattern condenses into a physical vehicle in which to experience that which has been conceptualised. Your experiences, and your vibrations are unique hence your unique vehicles (what you would consider your bodies are in fact a vibrational energy pattern) When we speak through a channel we use this vibrational path into the body as a carrier wave a standing wave on which we superimpose some of our vibrational matrix. We densify part of our energy pattern into what you perceive as physical reality and this energy is perceived as words and actions, or sometimes imagery and thus communication between us ensues. To balance this energy exchange some of the energy of the host or you would say channel is increased in vibration to balance the higher vibrations superimposed over the channels energy matrix by the influx of our energies. This results in an increase in the vibration of part of the host's consciousness and this higher vibration helps to convert and step down the pure vibrations from the energy communicating. The channel helps to direct the energy into the familiar physical matrix of its physical form, (hum like you show someone around your house when they visit -Merlin).

Q What is the dark just before you are born?

This is a perception you have remembered yes ?

Q Yes, is it the absence of everything,

No as you choose to densify in order to experience in order to fully know yourself, to know that which you have conceptualised you drop an aspect of your vibration to create your physical form, in order to condense the pattern required quite a considerable how you say wavelength, or waveband must be condensed into a few cells in order to then be conceived and born. It is this process which you have remembered as dark. Light and dark are just familiar description you hang onto vibration in order to explain and share the experience, it is all energy in vibration.

The Bond of Reiki

Ravenswood Ave


Q. Why did we feel so connected after the Reiki treatment?

As Reiki channels you draw additional life-force energy from the infinite pool of energy from which the dense vibrations we experience as 3d life condenses. This drawn energy gradient then flows into the lower vibrational system of the receiver drawing enough to achieve balance. Connections are formed at many vibrational levels hence the sense of oneness between healer and receiver following Reiki.

The sense of oneness is always there is was just that by raising your and your friends vibrational levels you became aware of many of the other levels where communication took place other than the course vibrational method of speech. This is why all three of you held such an animated conversation and you all knew what the other was communicating, perfectly. The exchange of ideas the exchange of energy occurred first at the higher vibrations which eventually manifested as speech. But in the high-energy environment you where also aware of the finer methods of communication.

Energy will always flow from the highest potential to the lowest potential in order to achieve a state of dynamic balance. As energy flows through the Reiki channel from an infinitely high potential energy i.e. universal life force then balance will be achieved which results in apparent healing of mental or emotional or physical dis-ease by re-establishing balance within the energy field.

The void and its interaction

Ravenswood Ave

Tunbridge Wells


We live in a web of infinitely high potential energy, this you know as the void or the vacuum. It is from this pool of energy that life, as you perceive it is condensed from. This energy is stepped down to you through infinite numbers of energies who you recognise as The Angelic hierarchy, ascended masters, lords of light, overlights, higher selves, and many more beyond the limits of even your subtle perceptions. You would describe these as higher vibrational energy patterns you recognise as Merlin, Lord Michael, or indeed other masters.

It is by this stepping down process that life as you know it is brought into being, or more accurately into a band of frequencies which you can experience with your senses and subtle senses. Each soul, each overmind condenses part of itself to experience this frequency zone, this world, this sphere, this dimension. Everything you experience is condensed from the void according to a blueprint held by the higher vibrational aspects of each pattern.

So the oak overmind, or deva, condenses the oak tree you experience from the void according to its blueprint, as indeed your higher self or soul has condensed the courser vibrations of your energy pattern, which you experience as your vehicle or your body.

Indeed your experience flows back to source by the same route a constant interchange, an interplay of energy in and experience back to source, so that we may know ourselves. And so is all of creation engaged in this never ending dance, and so on worlds without end as you put it.

Love light and blessings

Merlin / Lord Michael through Gabriel

The Body Elemental

During a guided meditation one member of the group on return reported that her body elemental had changed or been replaced. The following transcript came through.

Your body elemental has not changed as such, it is still the same body elemental. During your meditation, for this was indeed your collective intent, you have each expanded and stabilised your conscious vibrations. From this expanded viewpoint you have become aware of the higher vibrational aspect of your body elemental. As we lower our vibrations to incarnate and experience this dense physical plane an aspect of our consciousness looks after the running of the body or light vehicle.

This aspect of your conscious field looks after all aspects of your vehicle on all the planes on which you currently exist. As you density so does that aspect of self which you have identified as your body elemental. The fact that you raised your vibrations so significantly over this time, and through your meditations stabilised this vibration it may seem that the elemental is new.

It is simply a more expanded viewpoint of the same energy of self, identified as body elemental.

Another way of looking at this body elemental would be as an aspect of your subconscious , you do not have to think about breathing, blinking etc, all of these functions are looked after by your subconscious.


Human Dolphin Interaction.

Much has been written on the interaction of ambassador dolphins who choose to separate themselves physically from other dolphins, and choose to interact with humanity. The benefit to the humans who interact with these dolphins is obvious, few people meet a dolphin without it affecting them positively in some way.

Less well reported is the benefit to the dolphins in their evolution as an individual and as a species. We all know how it feels if you can make someone happy, to raise a smile in the heart of our fellow man. Imagine the reward of being able to bring out the emotions of joy and happiness that the majority of humans express when meeting a dolphin. If we can allow that a dolphin has a much more developed means of experiencing emotions, uncluttered as they are by much of what goes on in the modern human experience then the benefits are enormous.

Imagine not only being able to make someone happy but to truly feel that as an extension of self.

Dolphin Communication

Dolphin consciousness is more evolved in certain aspects when compared to human consciousness. Dolphin consciousness can be as much as an octave above ours, infact dolphins can be considered as having a 4th dimension consciousness.

What we attribute to dolphin song is but a pale shadow of the mass of information communicated at levels beyond our perception indeed beyond the perception of any of our instruments. When dolphins communicate we hear clicks, whistles, and other sounds, our instrumentation picks up the frequencies beyond our normal senses, but what of all the other levels of communication at frequencies way beyond our level of technology. The subtle emanations so to speak.

As an analogy the dolphin communicates as a beautiful picture of a landscape, this landscape is a mountain scene, the dolphin transmits the whole image, indeed the whole concept rich in descriptives, all the colours, the objects are given in exacting details, and what we actually hear with our 3d consciousness is a single word…hill.

We miss so much of what was actually conveyed and in our arrogance limit a dolphin's communication as clicks and whistles. We miss so much of what the dolphin was communicating.

However as we evolve and raise our consciousness more in step with dolphinic energies then we will be able to communicate and what a day that will be.

On World Angel Day 7th October 2001

In your past polarity was essential for your development for your rembemberence, for without it how could you choose who you are and how you will respond to an event. If you have not felt cold how do you know what warm feels like. What is light if there is no dark. An example which is very current for many of you now are the events in America, which are now echoing around your world. How do you choose to perceive it, in anger striving for revenge against the perpetrators? , in denial it did not happen?, maybe you can even see it as the new wave breaking on the shores of your reality.

A breakdown in extremes of polarity. For indeed it is no longer necessary to actually experience an event in order to choose who you are and what you will experience my dear masters in embodiment. For indeed that is who you are. Now you can base your choices, indeed base your reality on remembered events.

Why have a war, your whole planet knows what war feels like it is no longer necessary to have the event in order to decide it is not what you wanted. The events of the past few months and indeed the events of the months to come are merely the old way of fear dissolving as the new light anchored in your fields and in the field of your planet comes to pass.

This has been made possible by the efforts of you all, of light workers both in embodiment and out.

We your brothers in spirit applaud your intentions and indeed your action. Blessings to you all

The Merlin 7/10/01 .

Do not judge yourselves too harshly.

It is a mistake to think that those of you on a spiritual path (a path of reawakening to your essential nature so to speak) will no longer have what many have labelled 'negative' emotions. You will still on occasions feel, fear, anger, and frustration both with yourselves and with your fellow travellers. This is perfect, spiritual mastery is not about avoiding those emotions, indeed it is about choice. Choosing not to stay angry after that emotion rears up in your energy field, choosing not to continue arguing with another's ego that your ego has the correct answer. Choosing not to stay afraid once that emotion has come up, to realise that you are indeed safe and protects in all moments no matter how it may appear.

It is simply a matter of saying no; this is not truly who I am. This is not what I choose to experience in this moment, and then choosing to experience the highest possible expression of self in that moment.

Do not berate yourself for the emotion, indeed welcome it as an opportunity to change your experience of self to one more in keeping with your mastery. Remember I am of the violet ray and I am here to assist you at all times in these moments of transformation.

Blessings to you all

The Merlin 22/10/01

The world may often seem full of shadows and darkness.

But in order to see dark then you must be standing in light,

For is it not light which casts shadows.

The Purpose of Evolution and the Nature of God.

Question: Given the premise that the natural state of consciousness is spirit rather than embodiment i.e. a higher vibration than we normally perceive.

Then is the purpose of evolution is to descend into deeper densities and lower vibrations in order to experience them.

If this is the case then surely war, violence, pain and fear will increase as we evolve.

The purpose of evolution is not to dive into deeper and deeper densities of experience, to experience increasing levels of fear and separation and all that brings. The purpose and indeed the plan is to experience love which is an analogy for high vibration in dense material situations.

Indeed the purpose of existence in your plain is to descend into increasing separation and then to remember your true connected nature and increase the vibration of your experience. To sleep and then to reawaken.

If you can imagine that everything is love, everything is connected, everyone everything you encounter is an aspect of one and you know this.

In this state you can not fall in love, with all that joy that this experience brings. The sense of connecting with another soul as a deep level, of knowing each other, of that sense of connection, of belonging. Indeed it may be said that when you fall in love you are indeed remembering your natural state.

In your natural state you can't fall in love because you are in love at all times infact you know nothing else. If everything is water how do you know you are wet? Because you do not know or remember what it feels like to be dry.

In order to get to here you need to be there, so in order to make a choice, to choose what you experience you need a point of reference. To choose and know love you have to experience fear, to experience connection you have to know what separation feels like, to know cold you must have felt hot, this is the nature of dualistic nature.

However once you have had enough lower vibrations of fear based experience then you can experience joy, peace, and love in all aspects of your existence.

As individualised lifestreams, as souls you have each accumulated enough fear based experiences to choose another way.

You now have your markers for what you don’t want to be…so Choose what you do want to be. You now have your markers for what you don’t want to experience so choose what you DO want to experience.

Choose individually choose collectively it sis after all one.

Know that each act of higher vibration, each laugh, each love, each selfless act, each moment of peace, each moment of joy, contributes not only to SELF but also to the whole.

Look at yourselves as GOD. The cells of your body as solar systems, your organs as universes, your body as the whole of creation as all that is.

Now see yourself as a sub atomic particle existing in relationship with an atom which you perceive as your home planet, the planets of the solar systems are atoms which build the universe, which is an organ in the body of your perception of GOD.

See how you on your planet are a tiny cell in your concept of GOD, as indeed the consciousness existing on and in the cell s of your body looks to you at your level of consciousness as GOD.

Worlds within worlds, bodies within bodies, consciousness within consciousness without end.

See all this and you still will of only scratched the surface of the existence and nature of GOD, of the living energy which is all that is.

But know this within this concept which can be described as infinity everything has a part to play, everything is energy, everything is conscious and evolving by its interaction.

As your world awakens to the joy that is love, the joy that is heart, the remembrance the glimpses of what life is…know that the earth within the body of the solar system is also awakening like a lotus blossom opening its joy and its beauty radiates out to all that is, and in to all that is, and that the whole appreciates it in turn.

As above so below, as without so within.

Know Joy, know that all is well. We are in resonance we reach saturation.

Lords of Light / Galactic Council 8/1/2002

Life is a MINDfield.

Life is like a minefield one might even say a mindfield , indeed. However each of us knows the safe path through the field, or part of us knows how to negotiate the mind field of life. The inner knowing is that which is the calm still voice within, the divine aspect at the core of each lifestream. This part of us knows the path through the mindfield.

However if we try to focus too much on the path then we start to doubt our inner knowing and then we may stumble, and become lost. Move through life in trust knowing that the perfect moment is now. For in essence there is only now, but an infinite number of ways of experiencing that now moment. Take time to step back from the drama of life, to go within, to seek communion with the divine within, indeed to see the bigger picture.

Take time to see the sense in divine order, in a plan of evolution, of self-awakening, of unfolding. We each arrive at the centre of the mindfield in forgetfulness of our essential nature of who we truly are. Then as each life unfolds we are presented with a series of events, scenarios, and sometimes dramas. These are opportunities which open new doors on reality, new ways to perceive the field, the source the all that is.

Some of these experiences can become loops, very pleasant, comfort zones in which we can follow life after life. Eventually these loops can become unrewarding to some of us, and so they seek new experiences, new ways of perceiving reality, experiences which broaden and deepen our understanding. Experiences which stretch the consciousness and encourage it to evolve.

The mind field is like a game, a game of snakes and ladders. No harm can come to the players they just move up and down the board over lifetimes you move up the ladders and slide down the snakes, or your consciousness evolves or devolves but remember no matter what the consciousness survives only its vibration alters.

So if you wish to evolve choose the scenarios which are ladders, but how do you know which are ladders. Relax and allow yourself to guide you through these experiences.

Ultimately as well as being the piece on the chessboard you are also the player. As above so below. While you are but a small piece in the game of life, a tiny cog in the vast machine which is the multiverse, you are also the whole.

It is not such a delicious paradox. The player unaware that they are also the architect. That you choose to forget who you are and then devised a game to help you remember. A game with ladders and snakes. But ultimately it was you who placed the snakes and the ladders and part of you remembers where you put the traps and the diversions.

We choose to forget and then choose a path of remembering, and by remembering our essential dualistic nature, the god and goddess within, the human being. Ah and so your games of life unfold, played by you and organised by you, for you for ultimately there is only you.

Such is the joy that is life, for it is at these points of remembering, these points of resonance that much energy and information is exchanged.

Blessings upon you all

Your friends The Merlin, and the unity of light. 8/4/2002


Truth is a matter of Perspective

There is no right or wrong, no such thing as THE truth.

Right or wrong are merely a consensus opinion collectively agreed, based on a collective point of view or a collective vibration. What you define as right and wrong are merely a matter of perspective; what is right for you might not be the truth help by another. Neither of you are right or indeed wrong you merely hold different truth's based on your individualised perspectives.

When a group of people come into resonance then you agree on what is right, right wrong and truth are more a matter of choice than a matter of fact.

Remember your perspective, your truth , DOES NOT make you Right.

Your truth, and your perspective merely make you who you ARE.

Your perspective and what you hold as truth defines your reality, or defines your experience of reality. What you see is what you get. So remember to choose wisely what you look at and that will define your experience and ultimately form your reality.

The universe is your playground…go carefully. Oh and try not to break it.

Blessings on you all

UNITY through the Merlin. 11/5/2002

Light is our Essential Nature.

Everything is light, it is only its intensity and therefore density which varies.

What you may experience as black or a low vibration to others is white and the highest vibration they can experience.

What you consider as light and the highest vibrational experiences is but a shadow to those who inhabit the vibrations above.

Your consciousness dictates your place on the ladder and so determines your experience of reality, and this evolves through conscious use of what YOU choose to experience and what you choose as your reality.

Choose well my friends and you will experience Heaven on Earth.

The Merlin


True Evolutionary Paths.

True Evolution is evolution of the soul, of the spirit in the first instance.

Then comes mental evolution, to understand the changes to understand the processes of evolution.

Then comes the emotional evolution and the ability to feel the process.

Then comes a physical evolution if it is so required.

As the density of the experience of evolution increases so the slower it appears to become manifest for you.

Even subtle changes in physical form can take many generations, or lifetimes to become manifest but it is still spiritual evolution which drives this process.

Many in your sphere believe the body evolves to be better adapted for the environment in which you exist.

Spiritual evolution generates the physical reality or at least your perception of it and so ultimately generates physical evolution to exist in the reality you have collectively created.

We all form our own realities both individually and collectively. We filter out from the multitude of options present in the universal energy field. Some of you may know the field as energy, some as the godhead, some as the all that is, the multivese. It does not matter what you label it as , it is enough to know that you create your reality from the energy.

So first we generate our reality, and then our minds come to know it, our emotions allow us to feel it, and finally our bodies evolve to experience the realities we have created the reality we have chosen.

You exist in the physical and it seems very close to all you experiences, but the physical world does not drive evolution, it is the product of evolution,

At anytime you can choose to change your perception of reality. BY changing your perception you change your experience of it, simple as that.

If all you see is black and negative, a victim of reality as you perceive it, if all you see is negativity in self and in others then that its what you will experience.

If all you see is light, and unconditional love, then that is what you will experience.

Choose wisely where you focus your intentions.

Don’t forget to manifest a thing, BE that thing. Not I will be happy, or I wish to be happy for all you will experience is the longing the waiting for happiness. Be happy and that is what you experience.

Be a thing NOW and you will experience it NOW

BE LOVE, my beloved's

Not an order, just a suggestion

In Love Light and Service

Wise Council through the Merlin


Christ Consciousness

Soon my energy will be felt within you.

That which was put in place will now unfold.

You are moving collectively into the higher rays, moving into Christ consciousness.

All is done, all is in place, realise your potential



Rest Safe

Rest safe in the knowledge that all has been done, all is in place.

One thing remains realise your potentials, your shining nature.

Rejoice, celebrate, and enjoy your similarities for they far outweigh your differences.

You are becoming one.

May the blessings of that is flow with you.

Your friend in light



The Evolution of the I AM.

We are one you and I.

One soul becoming unified, the ones, the many moving into wholeness.

By creating grander and grander visions of who you ARE so you create a grander reality of who I AM.

When humanity saw God as forces of nature, that it what I was.

When humanity saw God as a pantheon then I was the one who was many.

When humanity saw God as one God then that it who I was.

Then you saw God as man, Man was made in Gods image therefore your God was a powerful human with mans fear, mans anger, and mans ego and that is what I was.

Then for many God no longer existed, the God of science reined, God was no longer part of the equation, a superstition, a myth and I slept.

Then science looked closer and found the underlying strata of energy, the unified field, the oneness and so found God in the equation.

Now humanity is awakening to the fact that if there is only one field, one energy, one unified field, one all that is. Then humanity is God or an aspect of that consciousness which you call God, experiencing itself from an infinite number of viewpoints, and yet also experiencing self as a whole.

That is who I am today, just think what I will be tomorrow.

Remain in Love, and in oneness.

I Am through Sananda


If you look at what is before you,

With fresh eyes,

and a now perspective,

not based on the past,

not thinking of the future,

then you hold the power of the universe in your hands

what happens next is what you choose to create.

Numerology and other reminders of your mastery. When you choose to incarnate you have a life plan, then you voluntarily forget your true nature and your chosen plan, and set about a path of remembering who you are. Your numerology, palmistry, divination, are all little reminders of what you came here to do, what you came to experience and what you came to learn. AT least what you intended to learn, free will still plays a part in your choices and you have the option to totally ignore what you chose to learn.

Imagine designing a computer game, or planning and planting a maze which was so detailed and so comprehensive that when you step inside the maze, or attempt to play the game you become totally absorbed with finding the solution. Indeed you forget that it was you who designed the maze, and you who will choose the path through it.

A wise soul will leave pointers and markers at significant points in the maze, short cuts and hints, little reminders. Numerology can be one such reminder, a name apparently chosen by your parents at birth or maybe before birth. How could you as a small child or unborn possibly influence the choice of name. Yet many people resonate with the truth or their path, or recognise their character when they look at numerology of their names.

Other reminders may include books, music, poetry, a line from a song a chance meeting, the tricks which we use to remind our selves are almost infinite as our infinite selves.

Love yourselves for who you are, love yourselves for your remembrance and unfoldment, love yourself for you see yourself in all

Blessings Sananda / Sanat Kumara 16th July 2002

Many of you may be feeling under a lot of pressure at times, feeling a great sense of injustice with much happening in your sphere, feelings of great turbulence.

You sense the potential of what your world could be. A garden of peace, acceptance, a place where the uniqueness of the population is celebrated, rather than feared and controlled.

Your sphere was created deliberately as a difficult learning ground, a sphere where separation from source, and forgetfulness of your essential nature would be very apparent. A world where lower vibrations could be experienced.

The sphere manifested and was influenced by the fear felt by many souls when they where created from source, and separated from source, birth fears if you wish.

Over time the vibration of this sphere has been raised, as has the vibration of the population as both go through their energetic evolution.

Your diligent service has raised your chosen sphere from the base chakra, the red spectrum of experience, through the sacral chakra opening with the populations of ancient Greece ,Egypt, and then Rome.

Later the drive into the mental body occurred and this has become manifest in your technology and its rapid evolution over your current life experiences.

Now you have, survival, sensuality and creativity, and thinking sorted, you are moving into your hearts and also moving your planet, your vibrational sphere of experiencing into that love and your sphere is also moving you. Your relationship is symbiotic and mutually supporting a partnership of spirit and that energy you experience as matter.

At some point many of you choose to assist the population and the planet in this love unfolding, in this experiment, in this program, in this idea of source.

Now you are awakening to your purpose, and the process started long ago is gaining momentum. As you drop old patterns, old though forms, un-serving energies then you may experience some intense physical manifestations as you clear these energies. How you choose to experience them is a matter of choice.

As well as serving your sphere, your clearance is serving your individualised consciousness, your souls, and your true selves to evolve.

You are standing in mighty service, at times it may seem to much, but know this; no one will be asked to give more than they can spare, you have been given the tools and the wisdom to clear the issues, to solve the perceived problems.

You have the unlimited support of the light in your work. Invoke the light in all your projects.

Keep faith dear brothers and sister, masters in embodiment, for indeed that is who you are. Call on us whenever you require support.

The Merlin 8.8.2002

Judge not those around you, many souls of many levels are among you, all participate in this grand project.

The goal is to achieve self-realisation in as many as possible, to raise the intrinsic vibration of your sphere and thereby to gain experience of that transformation.

Although it may seem difficult at time, all is made ready and it will be made manifest.

We greet you in the light, and support you in your tasks, call on our violet flame when transmutation is required.

A gift to you who serve, call on the violet light.

St Germain 8-8-2002

Ego without the balance of that which you know as soul, will if unchecked get carried away in its sense of importance and exaggerate the issues of survival, often to the detriment of development of the soul.

Soul requires ego to experience that which it knows conceptually. When soul and ego are in balance then all is in flowfulness, all is now, all is perfect.

It is towards this true balance of ego and soul which many of you are moving to.

Blessings on your journey, on your awakenings, and on your rememberings.

For indeed you already KNOW, now you are choosing to experience that knowingness.

Soul level awareness into physical reality is the process many of you are aiming for, and what a grand process it is dear ones.

Call on us, and we who have been through this process will help you, will support you, indeed uphold you.

Masters in embodiment we greet you, we welcome you home to your true home.

We have reached saturation, all is well, all is unfolding, all has been placed in readiness.

Blessings of the light to your individualised lights

The Merlin


Aim High.

There is no sin in aiming high, the sin is in failing to loose the arrow into the light and then trusting what returns. Life is full of surprises; after all you would not want to get bored. Great time's approach, a birthing, and all births are messy affairs, full of raging emotions. Think how calm a mother becomes after a birth, once the connection with the child is made, then the pain and trauma is forgotten and the joy of bonding with a soul in embodiment takes over.

This is the process you have begun, the birthing of a new consciousness. It may be completed in an instant, the blink of an eye, or measured in aeons… you will collectively decide.

Remember there is no sin in aiming high, no failure in trying. The failure (if such a thing exists) is in not feeling worthy of such a lofty goal.

The first step to enlightenment is self worth.

The second is sharing that wisdom with others.

The third step is in knowing there will always be someone older and wiser to guide you. A companion soul for each and every existence. Go well, create well, stand ever in the light my friends and fellow travellers

The Merlin & representation from the council

20/09/2002 Full Moon


You are all complex expressions of divine individualised light, existing and experiencing concurrently at many levels of being. It is your choice where you choose to focus your attention, and this determines your experience.

The action which most determines what you as an individualised light stream experiences, is where you focus your consciousness. While you read this, you are receiving the information at all levels of your being. Focus on your higher self and you will experience that perception of your experience, focus on your ego and you will experience the egos viewpoint of the situation.

Seek balance: ego without the balance of the higher self will become full of its own self importance, but judge it not, for it is the purpose of and indeed the role of ego to experience an individualised view of experience. To fully experience relationships and interaction requires two points; a here and a there, a hot and a cold, a now and then. Ego provides that separation from which we can experience the polarities of this reality.

Focus too much on higher self and all becomes oneness, with little separation and differentiation. Lessons loose impact and growth is slowed. A blend of ego and higher self is the aim. Ego to have the experience, to feel the emotions, to rationalise the actions of self and others. Higher self to condense those experiences and lessons into knowledge and growth.

Seek balance in all things, my friends, and remember the goal is self realisation, self enlightenment and through your actions the enlightenment of those around you.

Stand in the light, know that you are one with the light, each of you unique expressions of the divine, each equally valuable and eternal.

The Merlin 22/10/02

Grail Meditaion

We recently recieved this meditation and would like to share it .. follow the link

A Grail Meditation