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The Wand Workshop - Working with the Selenite Wand.

What is Selenite?

Gypsum occurs naturally as colourless to white tabular (column like) or needle like crystals, and is sometimes found coloured with impurities. When finely granular it is known as alabaster, and when fibrous, selenite. Although very soft, selenite is prized as a semi-precious mineral, and is a valuable tool for healing. Selenite enables one to achieve clarity of mind, and gain higher awareness. Fashioned as a wand, it will transmit electro-magnetic energy such as visible light along its length (very much like a bundle of optical fibres), and not surprisingly therefore, transmits Reiki and similar healing energies. In the hands of a healer, a selenite wand can be used as a "psychic sword" for healing and related energy work.

Aura Cleansing.

This is an excellent way to quickly and effectively restore balance and healing to the aura of your client.

Your client may experience being "pulled towards" the wand as you do this, and may even feel "lighter" afterwards.

Intuitive Body Scanning.

During the scanning, be aware of any resistance to the wand's upward, progressive sweeping, and be vigilant and receptive to any intuitive detection of mental, emotional or physical traumas. If appropriate, discuss your findings with your client afterwards.

NB. This is not a method for diagnosis, and should only be considered diagnostic if medically qualified to do so. REMEMBER: Work with responsibility and integrity. Do not point a wand at anyone unless you intend to heal.

Our thanks to Paul and Alexandria Walsh Roberts who taught us this technique Life of Light

The Wand WorkshopSeptember 1999

We craft a range of plain polished wands which are ideal for this technique, the spiral and master wands are a little two focussed for the sweep but are great for scanning and removing energy blocks. If you would like to order a plain polished wand see Current wands