The Gallery - Part 2

The following wands have all found their partners. May you always wield your wands in unconditional love, light and service to all.

Blue  Lace Agate and Saphire Master Wandd

Annie's Archangel Gabriel Wand.


This wand was co created in May 2000 at the time of the planetary alignment. The silver aluminium alloy handle is capped with a blue lace agate sphere, this crystal is one I very much associate with the angelic energies and the wand would be very suited to a partner consciously working with these energies. Above the double spiral inlaid with silver wire is a stunning faceted sapphire, with a deep blue hue. The wand has been reworked recently and a beautiful emerald cabochon added to the wand.

Annie is doing a crystal healing course, and came across our website. Here are a few words from the lady herself:-

I enjoyed reading your description of the Wand, reading your words they fitted my feelings perfectly, although I am a relative novice I am very well tuned to the Angels and I feel like I have bonded with it already. Strange having not physically touched it yet!

..And if this isn't too cheeky do you know which Angelic being was around you whilst you were creating? I think I have an idea that's all, and it would be good to confirm this

The Wand arrived at 8.10 this morning!! Myself and the kitten opened the package, she rubbed and buffeted the tube and your instructions-then calmly lay at the bottom of my bed watching me unpack. What can I say, it was a kin to the first time I met my husband, you both know instantly that you are meant to be together! After cleansing and dedicating her, I asked who guarded/guided the wand and was told The Angel of light The Angel of purification The Angel of Truth And last never least The Angel of Power To hold it is amazing- feels like butterflies in my tummy, but all over my body-then I slowly held it above me and swept it across my body, and the same for kitten -who was still watching. I was told to repack the wand & sleep for a while and note my dreams-putting the tube next to me in bed !!! Which were interesting and full of meaning-


Annie Howland in Lancashire England.

Rose Quartz Master Wand

Helen's Rose Heart Wand


Helen's wand features predominantly heart chakra stones - a wand of unconditional love! The wand is capped with Rose quartz, below this sits a malachite , and a rhodochrosite cabochon. Below that is a shield shaped malachite piece, and the wand is finished with a single citrine stud. The wand has a double spiral augmented with gold wire. The selenite has been highly polished.

Here are a few words from Helen:

Today my wand arrived to its new home, quite how I knew this was absolutely perfect from a picture on the internet I'll never know, I scanned and scanned the web site to find something even more appealing and obviously right for me, but kept coming back to that picture. I'm normally more likely to need to touch and see to decide whether something is right, but, by the "magic" of technology, my wand and I are reunited.

Even more amazing in this day and age, it was despatched before any payment had been made, which is wonderful. There was I waiting for my paypal account to be set up and longing for my wand. I thought what I would do was simply send a cheque by post to speed it up. But Wand Workshop didn't know I had done that. True faith in humanity exists at the Wand Workshop and I am so impressed and enlightened by the experience of purchasing from truly a lovely company run by blessed people. I only wish I needed another wand, but, for the time being I don't. Maybe someone I know does..... let me have a look at their web site Thanks a million you two!


amethyst athame

Amethyst Dragons Eye Wand


I have called this wand the dragons eye wand due to the amethyst shape mounted on the curved blade of the wand. Its shape reminds me of a druidic symbol known as the dragons eye. The wand is capped with a stunning amethyst point, held by over 4 meters of gold plated wire which makes up the handle of the wand.

This wand is partnered by Colin in London, here a few words from the man himself..

Im absolutely delighted with amethyst dragon eye wand , it is so ... natural with its subtle curves when i first opened it I felt little goose prickles humming all over me !!!

I must say that I have still to start using it properly but I just `know` that it is going to be so good for me , it feels so potent and it is going to do so much good and healing :o)))

Im sooo glad that it found me or I found it lol

Amethyst Sphere Mini Master Wand

Sharon's Amethyst Sphere Mini Master Spiral Wand


The wand is capped with a lilac amethyst sphere sat on a polished ring. A small amethyst stud sits on the ring, and below this is a faceted citrine and a peridot completes the wand. The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire.

Sharon is a Reiki master who recently took her mastership. During her training she was introduced to selenite and it use in Reiki and healing. She got in touch and the wand above is now partnered by her. She also brought a plain selenite wand for use in her healing works.

 Quartz Lapis Lazuli  Master Wand

Quartz Sphere Lapis Spiral Wand


This wand is very very delicate it features a long handle to balance the length of the wand. The energy flow is very directed. The small clear quartz ball is complemented by a lapis lazuli cabochon and a small faceted peridot

This wand was sold out of illuminada in Tunbridge wells, if you are the new partner please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

I was browsing on your site and discovered a picture of the above wand, I saw this wand in Illuminada in Tunbridge Wells and felt an immediate connection to it. Sadly on the day I saw it I was short of funds but did tell my husband Richard about it. Imagine my delight on Christmas Day when the wand was my special gift from him. I have used my wand in healing but I feel I have more potential when I use it.



East Sussex

Master Wand

Helen's Rose Quartz and Malachite Master Wand


This wand is a lovely little piece for a special lady. It is capped with a rose quartz sphere with a small malachite cabochon on the ring. Below this is a small peridot in between the two spirals. The spirals are augmented with gold plated wire.

I have known Helen for many years, she is a Reiki practitioner living in Kent.

Quartz Malachite Master Wand

Faceted Quartz Malachite Triple Spiral Wand


This wand features a multi faceted double terminated quartz point , set into a wide copper band. A malachite cabochon sits on the band below which are a turquoise and rose quartz cabochons .The triple spirals are augmented with gold plated wire, silver plated wire and copper wire. The 3 spirals coupled with the interesting point make for a powerful wand.

The wand is partnered by Fran a fellow Reiki Master practicing in Maine in the USA


Fran, Maine, USA

Eri's Wands


This collections of wands are partnered by Eri in Japan. These are our first wands to make it to Japan. The large quartz spiral features an iolite cabochon on the gold foil band, it is a very powerful all purpose wand. It is augmented by a softer rhodochrosite wand, very gentle and heart centered. The collection is finished with a malachite palm. A wonderful collection of light tools for the Eri.


Eri Mastunaga Okinawa Japan

chevron amethyst

Chevron Amethyst Tigers Eye Mini Master Wand


This wand is the latest of our new range of delicate wands. Capped with a chevron amethyst point and featuring a single tigers eye on the copper band. The double spiral is finished with gold wire.

This wand was brought along with a malachite palm by Michael for his father who is a Reiki master.

Quartz Malachite Master Wand

Annie's Unconditional Love Wand


This is Annies second wand, she also partners the Archangel Gabriel Wand shown earlier. Annie commissioned this wand because she wanted a small wand which would be easy to carry in a handbag as she travels around. The wand features a rose quartz sphere, a peridot, a rhodochrosite cabochon, a malachite cabochon and a small emerald. All the stones are heart center crystals and the wand was specifically made to flow unconditional love.

I'd like it to be 6 " this wand with an emerald perhaps at the top ...I think gold wire, but not sure and some other crystals on it too. Perhaps Make it look Morgana Le Fayish ...I was given my personal crystal in a visualisation to meet the Merlin and it was that's what I'd like

The purpose of the wand is to give unconditional love and peace and healing. People ask me alot for spells (euugh)so I'd like this wand to help others realise their true dreams and potential,but also it's going to be my personal crystal


Annie in Lancashire UK

quartz point Master Wand

Theresa's Gentle Spirit Wand


The wand is capped with a beautiful quartz point with some lovely rainbows. The wand was fashioned just before the full moon. The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire, and the wand is finished with a deep purple amethyst on the band.

I had in mind a choice of 3 wands - The first one to catch my eye (and my breath!) Was the Rutilated Quartz and Moldavite Master Spiral Wand - I could perceive it's (almost) overwhelming energy. It makes my heart pound harder when I look at it! The second one to catch my eye was the little Quartz Peridot Mini Master Wand; it has such a sweetness about it! The third one to chatch my eye was the Quartz Point Master Spiral Wand; well; that one looks (sounds?) like soft music to me.

I do my healing work rather quietly, and need a companion wand that will help me focus gently on learning the ways of The Light. The choice is made; not by my eye but by my heart. If you could please forward the aquisition details about the Quartz Point Master Spiral Wand.

and here a Theresa first impressions of her wand

My Dear Friend Bob;

I absolutely know that this is going to be too long and wordy and may possibly sound like I've gone way over the deep end of existence...but you asked for my first impressions...hang on to your hairdo... When my wand partner arrived in the mail today, I couldn't believe it had gotten here so quickly! I didn't even open it right away...I had to settle down a bit first.

I unwrapped, ever-so-gently, the EXCELLENT mailer it was sent in, then the bubble wrap, and before I could retrieve it from it's wrapping IT SLIPPED RIGHT OUT INTO MY LAP! Well, after my heart re-started, I picked up my new friend were right...I am so thrilled that I listened to my instincts about which wand to choose! This dear wand tingles in my hand; a very soft, warm, lovely feeling. The addition of the amethyst stone on the band was the most perfect touch as was the timing of the parcel's arrival; I had been experiencing so many trials in my week, that this was DEFINATELY the 'something good' that always comes along to bring even more light into what is really a very fortunate life.

I am just so...very, very pleased. I thank your co-creators for speaking to those I know to be near me, and bringing me to you.

Best and Brightest Blessings to you and yours - I will continue to visit your website and pray that someday I will be able to visit your homeplace.



Theresa in Maryland USA

fluorite point Master Wand

Fluorite Master Spiral Wand


The wand is capped with a beautiful fluorite point. A small quartz pyramid is mounted on the band below which sits a small amethyst The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire.

The wand was partnered at the Hop Farm show by Mrs Buchanan, a fellow Reiki Practitioner.


Mrs Buchanan England

mini master

Tigers Eye sphere and Hematite Mini Master Wand


This wand is the latest of our range of mini masters. It features a tigers eye sphere and hematite cabochons. The single spiral is augmented by copper wire.

This wand found its partner in Trevor a friend from Tunbridge Wells another in the happy band of Reiki practitioners working with wand workshop co-creations.


Trevor Tunbridge Wells England

mini master

Carols Master Wand


This wand was recently commissioned by Annie for her Aunt Carol. The requested was for a rose quartz sphere wand, with a peridot, and some native American influences. The remit was spare no expense, and this stunning wand is the result. The wand is capped with a rose quartz sphere, mounted on a silver steel band is a deep amethyst, to transmute energy. A turquoise pyramid and cabochon sit below this, the native American influence, with a malachite below that. The wand is finished with a faceted peridot Carols favorite crystal. The double spiral is finished with green colored niobium wire.


Carol in York England

mini master

Wendys Master Wand


This wand was recently commissioned by Wendy, who was referred to us by her friend Annie. Wendy recently started working with crystals and wanted a wand to direct energies when working. Her wand features an amethyst sphere and an amethyst cabochon, and peridot. The double spiral is augmented with gold wire.


Wendy in Bury Lancashire England

mini master

Marjory's Master Wand


This wand was recently commissioned by Annie for her Gran. Another request for a rose quartz sphere wand, with an Emerald.. The wand is capped with a rose quartz sphere, mounted on a silver steel band is a moonstone . A rhodochrosite cabochon sit below this, with a malachite below that. The wand is finished with a whole emerald crystal. A double spiral is augmented with silver wire.


Marjory in Lancashire England

mini master

Susans Wand and Palm.


This wand was commissioned by Susan from the states. This is what Susan asked for

A small spiral with a small sphere on the top of the one end -about the size of a marble "shooter" ball or a bit larger....and for the ball color....a pink and clear or quartz mix or a solid pink...with , purples, pinks, greens, and reds dripping down the sides of the Wand!!! I can just picture it in my head! Could you make me a "Custom Wand"

Susans wand is capped with a rose quartz sphere, a deep purple amethyst sits on the silver steel band, a rhodochrosite cabochon and a malachite sit below that, with a carnelian to finish. The double spiral is augmented with gold wire.

Susans Wand is partnered with a stunning rhodocrocite palm with a malachite and peridot.


Susan in - Johnstown Pennsylvania

Crystal Spiral Wand

Lilac Amethyst Egg Spiral Wand


This double spiral wand has a beautiful lilac amethyst egg as a cap stone. It features two amethysts a peridot and a citrine cabochons. This lovely wand is partnered by Gajinda another reiki paractitioner form near Tunbridge Wells. In addition to her wand she also has a stunning rhodocrocite palm stone.


Gurjinder near Tunbridge Wells.

Blue Lace Agate Sphere Master Wand

Blue Lace Agate Ruby in Kyanite Master Spiral Wand


This delicate wand is capped with a blue lace agate sphere sat on a polished aluminium handle. It features a very unusual ruby in kyanite cabochon. Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and stimulates the loving emotional sides of our nature allowing nurturing, health, and spiritual wisdom. Kyanite aligns all of the chakras and brings about balance in the energetic bodies. When blended in ruby and kyanite it not only facilitates immediate alignment of the chakras but it also gathers and amplifies positive energies.

In addition to this powerful stone, the wand features a stunning amethyst , a small aquamarine ( again a flowing energy bringing balance and alignment of the chakras), and a small peridot for the heart chakra.

This is a very powerful blend of energies in combination with selenite which has a double spiral carved into it. The spirals are augmented with gold plated and silver plated wire representing the solar masculine and lunar feminine in perfect balance.

This wand found her partner at the Brighton Rock n Gem show, in Davina.


Davina In London

Malachite  Master Wand

The Runic Wand


I have no web site, but it would be nice to have the wand on your gallery. I have no name for it yet so you could call it the runic wand. And to say so far I have found drawn to drawing with it on the aura, with runes and also cleaning chakras

This wand features a malachite point , with a lapis lazuli cabochon on the copper band, below which sits a peridot stud. The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire.

This wand found its partner at the Natural Healing Fare in kempton Park in Dave. Dave has been using his wand to great effect.

Hello, just a little thank you note for intruducing me to my new crystal friend. That I got from you on saturday, the one with the green tip. I think it is the one very much for me and my work, it seems to be a wand for drawning symbols on the aura, Ive started with runes, and they are having a very powerful effect for postive change

I have no web site, but it would be nice to have the wand on your gallery. I have no name for it yet so you could call it the runic wand. And to say so far I have found drawn to drawing with it on the aura, with runes and also cleaning chakras

All the best to you and Tania,

With Love N light

Dave N Kirsty



The Moonstone Curve Wand


This wand features a segment of stalactite, and a stunning moonstone cabochon. It is one of a series of curved master wands we were called to co-create. It has found its partner in the USA.


Working in USA

Rolands Wand


This wand was commissioned by Roland it features a quartz sphere selected by Roland. The brief was for a simple wand with an open carved spiral , no wires. The selenite has a crystalline feature running through it which features some stunning rainbows. Roland partner Sian has a curved wand. They have both been recently attuned to reiki and we wish them all the best on their path.


with Roland and Sian London England

Rose Quartz Point and Amethyst Double Spiral Wand


This wand features a fine rose quartz point, with several small rainbows. A faceted amethyst sits on the silver coloured band. The double spiral is augmented with silver plated wire.

I was so excited when I found the rose quartz & amethyst wand on your web page. I have been looking for something special for some time now and this just leapt off the page at me. I'm so pleased that I found you

Thank you again.

Amz x .

Hi Robert, He's here........arrived safely today. I've been laughing & crying all day. I'm so happy. I am wife & mother,martial artist,healer, teacher........... I am a traveller, exploring life : looking for the Way. Now, thanks to you, I have a companion/ beautiful wand. He is everything I hoped for and dreamed about ...........and so much more.

Thank you for sharing the light.

Amz xxxx


Anne in Scotland

Carolyns wands

labradorite Spiral Wand

Labradorite Sphere Tourmaline Master Spiral Wand

This stunning triple spiral wand is augmented with silver plated wire. A large labradorite sphere caps the piece, and below the handle is a cut tourmaline, and iolite and amethyst faceted stones.

quartz Master Wand

Rutilated Quartz Point and Amethyst Double Spiral Wand

The wand is capped with a golden rutilated quartz point. . On the copper band is a single dark amethyst. The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire. The wand was co-created on the full moon.

I was searching the net one afternoon during my lunch hour and quite by accidentally stumbled across your website. When I opened it up I was awed at the splendour of the art and the beauty of the craftsmanship. I wanted to see everything. Grabbing my mouse I began to click away the pages finding one item more intriguing and masterful then the one I saw before.

I wanted them all and for several days I journeyed back to the sight flipping through the pages not being able to make up my mind. It finally came to me that I was not to pick the wand but that the wand(s) would pick me. I took a deep breath, relaxed and waited. My wands arrived a few weeks ago and as I opened the package revealing the wands I thought, they are even more beautiful then their appearance on the sight.

Immediately I could feel the energies each wand produced. The smaller of the two is the strongest and will be used most frequently. I couldn't wait to show my friends and family the beauty and craftsmanship of each item. They too were amazed at their beauty. They are a cherished addition in my home and to myself. They will bring many years of healing and wisdom and I thank you wand craftsman for your talent in bring to us the light.

Forever commited Carolyn


With Carolyn in the USA.

amethyst Athame

Amethyst Handle Athame Wand


This wand features a stunning piece of polished amethyst as a handle. A deep blue lapis lazuli cabochon is set onto the wand. The amethyst is set into a socket at the top of the selenite and a copper wire binding completes the wand.


Cherie in the USA.

 mini master

Pat's Wand "Celestine"


This wand features a clear quartz point with an amethyst cabochon on the band. The double spiral is finished with silver plated wire. Celsestine as she has been named found her partner in Pat a fellow member of the ever growing Reiki family. Both Tania and myself are blessed to have met Pat and she has fast become a great friend introducing us to a lovely group on the net.

My first encounter with my wand stopped me in my tracks like a thunderbolt. I was unable to move my hand away from it. When I picked it up its glowing warmth touched my soul and left a red mark across my hand. I could feel the peace and love that had gone into the making of it and knew it was destined to be part of my life. It has not only brought me gifts beyond measure but also two lovely new friends.

Thank you Bob and Tania. Love and blessings.

. My wand has come up with the name Celestine and this is how it got there.

C = creativity E= existence L- love E = experiencing S = sincerity T = tranquillity I – integrity N = no-thing-ness E = enlightenment.

I guess you have put all these gifts into the wand for me. How lucky I am to have such lovely people in my life. It has been great to have you both along at ReikiSpirit. May the links we make last forever. Love you both Pat


Pat in West Sussex England.

amethyst Master Wand

'Merlana' Wand


The wand is capped with a chevron amethyst point.. On the band is a single faceted Amethyst. The double spiral is augmented with gold plated wire. The wand was co-created on the full moon.

The merlana wand is now partnered by Cheryl a fellow shamen and Reiki Master. her web site is shamanicmedium.

Hello Bob N Tania!

Im just writing about my super-beautiful Wand. I am still stunned by it... everyone who has seen it has been amazed.. truly it is a work of art. The light that seems to emanate from it is fantastic... I am finding it very easy to journey shamanically with it. It has even given me its name.. it is called the 'Merlana' wand. I can feel a very lovley energy with it... I have meditated with it and acheived great results. I honestly find that i love it immensely... i never realised the bond i would form with it, not for its beauty, but for the love it seems to radiate. What a wonderful gift of releasing the beauty of celenite!!! You can bet that 'Merlana' will be working very hard very soon! hugs to you both!

Cheryl Turtlemoon


Cheryl Turtlemoon in the UK