Care and Cleansing of Wands.

Wand Care

Each of our wands is carefully cleansed before finding its way to its intended partner. This ensures that it is free from our vibration and in a neutral state , ready for its partner. As stated else ware on the general wand page the only vibration left on the wand is that it is dedicated to the light and works for the highest good of all involved, this prevents sudden out breaks of frogs who used to be bank managers :-)

This said if the wand is used as part of your healing work for yourself , a friend, or client then it should be cleansed before re-use, we recommend any or all of the methods on this page.

Your intent should be set before you start , which is all negative vibrations are removed from this wand and are transmuted back into usable energy by the universe. Or words to that effect.

Do not use the salt water bath technique to cleanse a selenite wand, it is very soluble in water and when you come back to it in the morning it will be much smaller or may even be reduced to a collection of copper wire and a few faceted stones !!

Selenite is very soft, it can be marked by a fingernail so treat the wand with care and it will serve you and the light for a lifetime, maybe many lifetimes ....


Smudging is a technique much favored by the indigenous peoples of North America among others. The smoke from burning sage or sage and cedar sap bundles has a very cleansing effect on the environment. It can be used to cleanse rooms ,people, pets, crystals and in this case wands.

light the smudge stick, blow across the stick, and once smoking nicely pass the wand or whatever needs cleansing through the smoke, simple as that !

Most good stockist sell smudge sticks, ones from the sacred slopes of Mt Shasta are very popular, but if you are having trouble getting one, we carry a limited stock which can be supplied with your wand at nominal additional cost.

Visualisation and Invocation.

If you imagine a column of pure white light , place the wand within it and ask that it be cleansed of all negativity. This process will be strengthened if you make a simple invocation (request) for the wand to be cleared of any negativity.

Improvise or Intuit your own little ceremony, or here is one that works for us:-

I call on the masters in light, on the Diva of selenite, and on my higher self. I Cleanse this wand of all negativity, by divine will so be it.


breath is analogous to light, draw in a deep breath ( maximum light intake) focus and exhale sharply down the wand, thus blowing all negativity from the wand and cleaning it. Again state that all negativity released by this process is transmuted into usable energy by the multiverse, we don't want to get a reputation for leaving pools of negativity all over the place :-)

Amethyst beds.

Although an expensive way of cleansing a wand, placing the wand on a large bed of amethyst or an amethyst cluster which has been cleansed and dedicated to the purpose of looking after your wand works very well. Amethyst is very useful at transmuting negativity in any environment it is placed in.

This method was provided by John at Karal studio's, a dear friend and master wand builder... see links for his site.

Angelic Assistance.

If you are working consciously with the Angelic realms asking for Angelic assistance is a beautiful way of cleansing and working with your wand. Angels may be called at any time for any purpose as long as it is in accordance with divine will. Ask for an Angel to be assigned to the maintenance and assistance in your use of the wand, we have found this to be a most potent combination and loads of fun. It is always a pleasure to work with our Angelic Brothers and Sisters in light.

Please remember to release the Angel once the task has been achieved . If you asked for an angel to save you a parking space in town, don't forget to say thanks and release her or him to return for other tasks, otherwise car parks would get very crowded on the dimensional overtones were the Angelic reside !

Last Words...

It is always a good idea that any negativity from anything you cleanse is taken back to the light to be recycled into usable positive energy. Visualising a purple silver ray cleansing any negative energy and invoking this transformational ray is most recommended in all your light work. The ascended master Saint Germain or The Merlin are useful allies in the transformation of negativity as we evolve at this time.

Say Thank the wand, your guides, your higher self, and all who worked and continue to work with you.

Although this is not an order, we would never interfere with your free will, it's always nice to be thanked for your work and this goes for everyone whether in embodiment or out !

Take Care

Love Light and Wisdom in all you do.