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Spiral wands are charecterised by focussed energy flows. In addition to the powerful naturally flowing light energy of selenite, the carving of spirals further concentrates the energy. This has the effect of producing very powerful localised energy flows, which can be used in healing, meditation and manifestation work.

The pitch and number of spirals has an effect on the energy flows , basically the more spirals the tighter the energy beam produced.

These wands are perfect for those applications which require a very precise focus of intent and energy.

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Please be aware that in order to co-create a wand or light tool for you and your journey

there will be a considerable investment in time and resources.

35 cm (14 inch) and above

35 cm (14 inch) to 25 cm (10 inch)

master wand

25 cm (10 inch) and below

We are pleased to recommend a fellow craftsman, Druidin who makes some fantastic wand cases to keep your chosen wand safe.

Each box measures approximately 18" L x 3-1/4" W x 3" H (inside dimensions 17" L x 2-1/4" W) and features leather hinges, three-dimensional symbol on lid (see options below), three-dimensional triple moon clasp, hatched inlay edging, and royal purple velvety cushion inside.

Drudin also does custom work! Have a design in mind? Email Drudin with the details of what you'd like. Details should include: desired size, color, carved designs, etc. Attach a sketch, if possible. Please include your name, telephone number and the best time to call, as Drudin will need to speak with you to be certain of the details! Prices vary for custom work, depending upon the materials and time involved in its creation. Drudin will provide a price quote once he has the specifics of what you desire

E-mail Druidin Direct



We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our response and will normally answer any enquiry within 3 days. However on occasion we are away from the workshop for several weeks so please allow 28 days for delivery or communication.


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