These courses comprise the traditional Usui teachings together with comprehensive metaphysical and spiritual teachings to broaden your understanding of this beautiful healing art. Course Dates We are teaching small groups and individuals on a one to one basis. Always happy to travel to your home or venue for groups who wish to learn together. If you would like to book on a course please e-mail us details on our contact page , or visit us on Facebook and send a message so we can arrange a convenient date to introduce you to this beautiful energy and welcome you into the Reiki family. Usui Level 1 Course Details This comprises the essential teachings and training given to the practitioner. The basic tool kit if you like. The practitioner receives three  attunements. This opens up his or her energy channels thus enabling him or her to channel more energy for the purpose of self healing, or healing other people, plants, minerals and animals. Commitment 1 to 2  Days intensive training and 21 days self healing Exchange £144 Certificate and Manual Provided Usui Level 2 Course Details This comprises the teaching of a much deeper understanding of the subject. In addition, the practitioner receives another attunement thereby increasing even further his/her capacity to channel Reiki energy. She / he is also given a number of specialist tools (symbols) with which to work, thus enabling specific applications and healing issues to be addressed. The practitioner also learns distant or absentee healing, in which healing can be 'sent' great distances to those in need. Liken it to sending a fax to wherever needed, only in this case the intent of the healer is to send - or strictly speaking 'direct' healing energy. Commitment 1-2 days intensive training, usually after a minimum of 3 months regular level 1 practice. 14 days distant healing. Cost £277 Certificate and Manual Provided Usui Level 3 - Masters Course Details At this time it is our intention to teach masters from our level 1 and 2 students on an individual basis. Progression into mastery will be discussed during the teaching. However, feel free to contact us if you resonate with us and would like us to assist you in your mastery. We  teach on the Reiki Grail Quest follow this link for more information
Grail Quest Draw the Sword of empowerment on your journey to self mastery Humility - Integrity - Love - Truth - Wisdom Whom Does The Grail Serve ? Attunements in:- · Raku - Kei  · Usui & Tibetan Reiki  · Karuna Reiki  · Seichem Reiki Gain Insights into:- · The power of symbolism  · The Symbolism behind Arthurian Legend  · Esoteric Science and the Spiritual Nature of Man Attunements and Visits to Sacred Sites :- · Glastonbury  · Stonehenge  · Tintagel  · & others Far more than just a Reiki Mastery course, this course is designed for those students of life, who like yourself and the Arthurian Knights before you, tread a path towards spiritual Enlightenment and "walk in service to Mankind and the planet". Designed to give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of Man, it will provide those tools which will facilitate your chosen path towards that summit of spiritual enlightenment. You will be instructed how to teach 5 of the root Reiki systems with confidence and professionalism, and also given instruction in counselling and presentation skills. 8 Day course run as required   Family and non-participating partners welcome. Full Details Below A unique course leading to Self Empowerment and Reiki Mastery Incorporating sacred teachings of the Mystery Schools By Robert Torry Teacher of Esoteric Science, the Usui, Tibetan and Contemporary Systems of Reiki "A Master is one who has the key for you to become a Master... to help you realise that you are also a Master and that you and God are also One. That's all... that's the only role of a Master." Testimonials from the Course A Truly magical experience. The depth of teaching on all levels of the course was exceptional. Each attunement was simply stunning, coupled with the friendliness , and openness of the group, made for one of the most uplifting and enlightening times I can remember... Robert Kennedy May A Magical experience, perfect peaceful locations, mouth-watering food, exhilarating places of interest, a real Celestine prophecy of an experience. Thank you to everyone for the friendliness and the support it has changed my life.... Shinina Fernandez May Introduction "Enter into the spirit of the Usui method, that entrance the scope and depth of Reiki." Dr Usui Rather   than   being   the   end   of   a   journey,   Reiki   Mastership   represents   the   beginning   of   a   journey,   a major   step   on   your   path   towards   spiritual   unfoldment   as   well   as   personal   mastery.   Reiki   Mastery should   be   looked   upon   as   sacred,   and   this   course   has   been   designed   to   reflect   this.   This   is   a   unique and comprehensive Reiki Master (Teacher) course. The   course   incorporates   the   full   Usui   Reiki   system,   as   well   as   the   Tibetan   Reiki   system   which   is   a very   powerful   healing   system   in   its   own   right   and   complementary   to   the   Usui   system.   Included   in this   course   you   will   find   advanced   complementary   energies   and   teachings,   many   of   which   are exclusive   to   the   Simon   Treselyan   lineage,   and   many   which   are   available   as   a   direct   result   of   our personal   endeavours   to   bring   to   the   aspiring   Reiki   student   spiritual   teachings   in   their   purest   form. The Symbol of Grace is one such teaching exclusive to students of Simon's lineage. Instruction   will   also   be   given   in   the   different   techniques   for   attunement   enabling   you   to   teach   and attune   students   to   all   levels   of   the   Usui,   Tibetan   and   some   of   the   more   popular   contemporary systems of Reiki, namely the Karuna and Seichem Tera Mai systems. Today   more   than   ever   than   ever   before,   complementary   therapies   such   as   Reiki   are   under   both public   and   legislative   scrutiny,   and   Reiki   teachers   and   practitioners   in   particular   need   to   be   seen   to be   professional   and   working   with   integrity   by   both   the   public   as   well   as   the   medical   profession.   It   is of   course   in   the   interests   of   teachers,   practitioners   and   members   of   the   public   alike   that   standards and   levels   of   competence   are   upheld,   and   as   we   become   more   fully   integrated   with   the   European community,   it   is   highly   likely   that   accreditation   by   a   recognised   governing   body   will   soon   become an essential pre-requisite to both practice and teach. Therefore,   as   part   of   this   course,   you   will   be   taught   interpersonal   skills,   how   to   lecture,   and   also   how to   effectively   organise   and   give   Reiki   courses.   Use   of   the   media   and   promotional   techniques   will also   be   taught.   You   will   also   be   taught   how   to   speak   with   confidence   about   Reiki   in   the   public domain   as   well   as   to   members   of   both   scientific   and   medical   community,   essential   for   the   integrity of both Reiki and the teacher alike. As   part   of   my   lineage   you   will   enjoy   an   ongoing   after   care   system   amongst   one   of   the   world   wide networks   of   Reiki   Masters.   This   includes   reviews,   updates   and   further   instruction,   thereby   allowing you to assimilate contemporary teachings as and when they become available. This   course   is   probably   one   of   the   most   comprehensive   offered   anywhere   in   the   world,   certainly providing    training    above    and    beyond    that    currently    shared    by    the    majority    of    Reiki    Masters throughout   this   country.   It   will   enable   you   to   remain   at   the   very   forefront   as   a   Reiki   Master, providing   you   with   an   extremely   comprehensive   and   versatile   tool   kit   for   not   only   healing,   but   more importantly, for your own development. Reiki Mastery "A Master never once says that s/he is a Master, rather lets it be felt and understood." Regrettably   much   of   the   true   meaning   of   mastery   is   lost   today,   when   the   Reiki   mastery   label   can   be bought   for   a   few   hundred   pounds   and   acquired   in   a   weekend.   Whilst   some   of   the   teachings   handed down   are   those   honoured   by   time   and   generations,   many   represent   but   a   thin   veneer   of   those teachings   associated   with   mastery   and   taught   by   the   Mystery   Schools,   often   over   a   period   of   many years. As   a   scientist,   it   has   been   my   wish   to   bridge   that   divide   that   has   for   so   long   polarised   science   and mysticism,   and   to   provide   all   of   my   students   with   a   much   deeper   understanding   of   spiritual   science, and   with   it   the   spiritual   nature   of   Man.   I   have   questioned   and   endeavoured   to   experience   at   every opportunity   every   facet   of   Reiki   in   the   furtherance   of   my   knowledge   and   understanding   of   this beautiful   healing   art.   It   has   always   been   my   intention   when   teaching   to   provide   as   far   as   I   am   able,   a comprehensive   and   in-depth   understanding   of   the   subject   together   with   how   it   may   be   assimilated into   the   rapidly   changing   times   that   we   perceive   that   we   are   currently   living,   given   that   as   a   student of Reiki you have the rest of your life to enjoy your own personal experience of this. Whilst   I   accept   that   it   is   not   necessary   to   know   about   the   tea   plant   and   the   East   India   Trading   Co.   to be    able    to    enjoy    (experience)    a    good    cup    of    tea,    that    additional    knowledge    towards    a    better understanding    (of    Reiki)    to    me    provides    an    invaluable    portfolio    of    understanding    upon    which spiritual   edifices   can   be   built,   and   against   which   critical   opinions   aimed   at   the   complementary therapist   can   be   parried.   I   believe   that   understanding   and   experience   are   truly   complementary. Whilst   we   no   longer   have   the   privilege   of   the   many   years   of   devoted   study   enjoyed   by   the   initiates of   the   Mystery   Schools,   we   can   never-the-less   bring   to   you   some   of   those   teachings   appropriate   for your   progression   at   this   time,   and   as   with   the   deeper   meanings   behind   some   of   the   fairey   tales,   those guidelines towards Self Mastery shrouded in the Arthurian Legend. Object of the Course This course has been designed to provide you with: · Attunement to the Master (Teacher) level in the more popular core Reiki Systems · Powerful techniques for Self Empowerment · An in-depth background to esoteric science and the spiritual nature of Man · An understanding of the power of symbolism and its application · An understanding of the symbolism behind Arthurian legend, and the profound significance of Fairey Tales, Myth and Legend to the Spiritual Evolution of Man · The codes of conduct of the Arthurian Knights and Samurai Warriors in relation to Reiki Mastery · Those virtues commensurate with attaining the enlightened state and fitting of a Reiki Master · The ability to teach and practice with confidence and professionalism You will receive: · Attunements in several of the core Reiki Healing systems including the Violet Flame Attunement and the DNA re-alignment Attunement · Comprehensive course manuals comprising several hundred pages · Certification by a registered member of the International Guild of Professional Practitioners, the Complimentary Medical Association. Course Location and Accommodation Trehawke   Farm   is   a   family   owned   working   farm,   set   in   180   acres   of   rolling   Cornish   countryside.   It is   situated   near   the   South   coast,   6   miles   from   the   fishing   port   of   Looe   and   18   miles   from   the   city   of Plymouth   on   the   Devon   /   Cornwall   border.   This   area   is   well   placed   for   exploring   the   South   West with   all   of   its   hidden   treasures.   There   are   a   number   of   stone   circles   in   the   area,   and   the   farm   itself   is overlooked   by   an   iron   age   hill   fort.   The   farm   was   once   the   manor   house,   and   has   many   listed buildings   and   plenty   of   history.   It   is   cited   in   the   Doomsday   book.   There   are   certainly   plenty   of   things to   do   and   see   during   your   stay.   The   area   is   steeped   in   legend,   with   Tintagel   on   the   coast   having associations   with   King   Arthur.   King   Arthur's   Seat,   a   circle   of   standing   stones   is   found   on   Bodmin moor, whilst Merlin's cave is accessible at low tide from the beach at Tintagel. Why come to Cornwall? Cornwall   is   almost   an   island,   separated   from   the   rest   of   England   by   the   River   Tamar.   Because   of   its bleak   high   moors   and   poor   soil,   it   never   attracted   the   attentions   of   either   invaders   or   landlords.   The Romans   stopped   at   Exeter,   and   Iron   Age   man   continued   to   live   unmolested   in   forts   on   headlands. Cornish   continued   as   a   Celtic   language   until   the   18th   century.   Cornish   was   (is)   a   separate   Gaelic language, like Welsh, Irish or Breton. Nowadays there are efforts being made to revive it. There   is   a   wealth   of   folk   lore   about   piskies   and   giants   that   roamed   Cornwall   in   the   past.   The legendary   King   Arthur   is   said   to   have   been   born   at   Tintagel,   and   many   early   Christian   saints founded   settlements   around   the   Cornish   coast.   Then   there   were   the   wreckers   and   smugglers   in   the last   few   hundred   years.   There   is   the   Cornwall   of   literature   -   Jamaica   Inn   and   the   other   Daphne   du Maurier   stories,   the   Poldark   tales,   to   Betjeman's   poetry   and   TV   detective   series   like   Wycliffe. Mining   on   a   commercial   scale   has   come   and   gone,   but   the   remains   of   Victorian   mines   are   to   be found everywhere. The   coastal   scenery   is   what   hits   you   first.   Rugged   cliffs   and   smashing   waves.   The   Cornish   Coastal Path   that   runs   all   the   way   round   the   coast   from   Bude   in   the   north   to   Plymouth   in   the   south.   If   you follow   the   coastal   path   you   will   pass   through   all   of   Cornwall's   past,   Tintagel   and   Arthur,   modern seaside   resorts,   the   romantic   ruins   of   mines   round   St   Agnes   and   St   Just,   St   Ives   and   its   artists,   Land's End,   the   Minack   Theatre,   St   Michael's   Mount   near   Penzance,   fishing   villages   like   Polperro   and Mevagissy,   the   Lost   Gardens   of   Heligan   and   Plymouth   sound   over   which   Drake   looked   out   for   the Spanish Armada. Inland,   Bodmin   Moor   and   the   Tamar   valley,   the   china   clay   pits   near   St   Austell   and   the   Eden   project, or   one   of   the   many   tourist   attractions   that   have   sprung   up   are   there   to   find.   You   can   explore Cornwall's   real   past   in   the   castles   and   country   houses,   the   National   Trust   properties.   Or   visit   its literary   past   in   following   the   trail   of   one   of   the   Cornish   authors.   There   are   mines   nearly   everywhere, even in Newquay if you know what to look for. Visits to Sacred Sites: Tintagel Noted   for   its   Arthurian   connections,   Tintagel   and   the   adjacent   coastline   are   one   of   the   first   places   on the   itinerary.   You   will   be   visiting   King   Arthur's   Great   Halls,   depicting   in   the   Hall   of   Chivalry through    49    outstandingly    beautiful    stained    glass    windows,    the    virtues    of    the    Knights    (and    of Mastery)   and   the   journey   from   darkness   into   light.   The   windows   themselves   are   reminiscent   of   the pre-Raphaelite    era    and    are    referred    to    as    the    best    post    pre-Raphaelite    windows    to    be    found anywhere. Beyond words, the windows just have to be seen "in the light"! We   will   be   conducting   one   of   the   attunements   here   in   the   Great   Hall   against   the   backdrop   of   the sword   in   the   anvil   and   in   front   of   a   copy   of   the   Round   Table   -   depicting   amongst   other   things equality and service to The One. Glastonbury - the Heart Chakra of the Planet Glastonbury   is   truly   spiritual   with   a   powerful   vibration,   and   steeped   in   Arthurian   legend.   It   is   here that    Joseph    of    Arimithea    and    the    Magdalene    founded    the    first    Church.    Noted    for    the    Tor, Glastonbury   has   been   the   focal   point   of   many   spiritual   pilgrimages,   with   the   Tor   offering   a   gateway to   the   inner   world,   that   is   of   course   the   inner   self,   on   ones   spiritual   path   of   unfoldment.   We   will   be visiting the Tor, as well as paying a visit to Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey. Stonehenge Stonehenge   dates   back   from   the   late   Neolithic   and   Bronze   Age   times,   and   is   probably   the   most celebrated   of   the   megalithic   monuments   in   England.   Comprising   a   circle   of   quartz   containing   stone, it   carries   an   extremely   powerful   Earth   vibration,   and   although   current   thought   connects   its   use primarily   with   astronomical   observations,   its   former   purpose   most   certainly   extends   way   beyond this.   By   special   concession,   we   will   be   conducting   one   of   the   Master   Attunements   here,   within   the inner Robert Torry - A biography Living   with   my   partner   Lynn   and   three   adopted   cats,   I   am   a   research   scientist   by   profession.   I   would describe   myself   as   an   iconoclast,   and   as   someone   having   an   insatiable   appetite   for   the   understanding of   spiritual   and   metaphysical   issues,   a   pioneer   of   spiritual   truths   if   you   like.   For   many   years   a personal   quest   has   been   to   realise   the   unification   of   science   and   religion   /   mysticism,   since   I   feel   that it   is   the   cross   pollination   of   understanding   and   experience   that   yields   the   fruits   of   wisdom   from which will come spiritual nourishment and the realisation of our true spiritual nature. My    training    as    a    scientist    has    given    me    firm    footing    in    amongst    the    foothills    of    these    often speculative   therapies   and   theories....   and   so   too   with   Reiki   healing   which   now   enjoys   hundreds   of thousands   of   practitioners   worldwide.   Faced   with   so   many   shades   of   Reiki   and   associated   healing modalities,   and   so   often   asked   about   the   relative   merits   and   perceived   differences   between   these systems,   Lynn   and   I   decided   to   learn   all   of   the   recognised   systems   currently   taught   worldwide   (as well   as   being   open   to   future   teachings   of   what   is   after   all   a   dynamic   healing   modality)   to   enable   us to   teach   with   the   background   of   broad   experience   and   understanding.   So   it   was   that   in   June   1995, after   a   whole   series   of   "coincidences",   I   found   myself   travelling   to   the   island   of   Bali,   Indonesia,   on invitation   to   train   with   eleven   other   Reiki   level   Two   students   from   different   parts   of   the   world   under the   tutorage   of   Simon   Treselyan,   clairvoyant   and   International   Reiki   Master.   Prior   to   a   visit   to   the stone   circle   at   Avebury   a   month   beforehand,   I   had   never   given   consideration   to   pursuing   Reiki   level Three,   let   alone   teaching   Reiki.   As   for   travelling   to   the   other   side   of   the   world......   well,   let   me   say that Reiki works in subtle and mysterious ways. Be aware! That   was   just   the   beginning   of   my   Reiki   journey!   Under   a   gentle   sustained   pressure   from   my   friends to   teach,   I   subsequently   spent   two   years   researching   and   writing   my   manuals.   These   are   specifically geared   towards   providing   the   student   with   an   in-depth   working   knowledge   of   the   fundamentals   of Reiki   against   the   backdrop   of   spiritual   science.   The   courses   I   offer   are   therefore   unique   in   concept and    content    from    other    contemporary    Reiki    courses,    tailored    to    encompass    our    growing understanding   of,   and   awakening   to   this   dynamic   healing   art,   whilst   never-the-less   upholding   and maintaining the essential traditional Usui teachings borne through the lineage. Amongst   many   other   pursuits,   I   spent   many   years   involved   in   counselling,   and   in   the   latter   years, training   others   in   this   skill.   I   feel   strongly   that   listening   and   counselling   skills   form   an   intrinsic   part of   Reiki   practice.   I   am   also   the   founder   member   of   a   charity,   The   Circle   of   One,   whose   objects   are Helping,   Healing   and   Teaching.   Under   the   banner   of   "The   Circle   of   One"   The   Circle   of   One   we endeavour   to   raise   awareness   and   understanding   of   not   only   meta-physical   issues,   but   also   the   broad spectrum   of   alternative   and   complementary   therapies   that   are   now   coming   to   the   fore.   In   support   of this    charity,    I    have    organised    over    180    workshops    in    the    South    East    of    England    promoting spiritualism, mysticism and complementary therapies. When   spiritual   nourishment   bows   to   more   Earthly   needs,   I   am   an   adventurous   and   (I   am   assured)   an excellent vegetarian cook - probably owing to my chemistry / alchemical training I am sure! Additional Biographies Participating Reiki Masters on this course will include: Robert and Tania Kennedy Robert   and   Tania   are   also   research   scientists   by   profession,   and   share   our   quest   to   unite   science   and mysticism.   In   addition   to   his   Reiki   and   shamanic   practices,   Robert   has   more   recently   specialised   in the   manufacture   (co-creation)   of   hand-crafted   Selenite   Crystal   Wands   and   other   Light   ToolsThe Wand   Workshop.   Potentially   powerful   in   their   own   right,   in   the   hand   of   a   trained   Reiki   healer   they afford   extremely   powerful   tools   for   "intuitive   body   scanning"   and   for   space   clearing.   Both   Robert and   Tania   share   a   deep   seated   interest   in   Celtic   Tradition   and   Arthurian   Legend,   and   will   be contributing   to   this   part   of   the   course   as   well   as   being   available   throughout   the   course   as   guides   and facilitators. circle Course Content The course includes the following subjects: Your responsibilities as co-Creators and the power of Intent The subtle anatomy of Man, Man as a quadripolar magnet, the chakras and the mudras Symbolism and the power behind symbols The Reiki symbols, their origin, meaning and use Meditation - an inner journey Breathing techniques Origins of Reiki & other healing modalities Teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools Recent Reiki revelations - From Japan with Love Reiki as a path towards Self Realisation Raku-Kei, The Way of the Fire Dragon (the original Reiki form) The Origin of Raku-Kei The Attunement - The Breath of the Fire Dragon The Water Ceremony for Attunement to Raku-Kei Usui Master symbol and Empowerment using the Master symbol The difference between initiation and attunment Usui Reiki Master attunement The Tibetan symbols Hui-Yin, the sacred secret of Reiki Kidney breathing and the acceleration of Raku energy, including the Violet Breath Reiki Master attunement incorporating the Tibetan symbols The Law of Grace symbol, hand position and invocation to relieve karmic issues Giving Reiki attunements: The healing attunement First degree attunement Second degree attunement Usui Master attunement Full Master attunement Student healing crisis "Drawing down the Sun" empowerment Reiki meditation / Temple of light meditation The DNA re-alignment attunement Antahkarana and its uses (the inner psychic instrument) Psychic surgery Aura cleansing with a Selenite Wand Dealing with "negative" energies and Psychic Protection Chakra balancing and empowerment using the symbols Contemporary Reiki: Origins of the Karuna / Seichem System Karuna Levels One & Two attunements and symbols Karuna Level Three (Masters) attunement Karuna Teaching The Violet Flame Attunement The YOD Initiation Seichem (Tera-Mai) Levels One & Two attunements and symbols Seichem (Tera-Mai) Level Three (Masters) attunement Seichem (Tera-Mai) Teaching Reiki in everyday life and in emergencies Communication skills and lecture techniques Giving talks and dealing with questions Course organisation, inception to completion Problem solving - real life occurrences Advertising and use of the media Dealing with the press ...and lots more! Itinerary for the "Quest for the Grail" Course, Friday afternoon , 5.00 pm Meet at Trehawke Farm, later on sharing an evening meal. Pre-course introduction Saturday Review   of   Usui   Levels   One   and   Two,   incorporating   Symbolism,   Esoteric   Science   and   the   Spiritual Nature of Man Sunday Usui Level Three and Master Attunement at King Arthur's Great Hall, Tintagel Monday Visit to Glastonbury and to Stonehenge for the Raku Kei Attunement Tuesday A day in Glastonbury, with visits to Chalice Well and Glastonbury Tor Wednesday Attunement practice, Reiki Psychic Surgery and leisure time Thursday Seichem (Tera Mai) Reiki, including attunement to Levels One, Two & Three Friday Karuna Reiki, including attunement to Levels One, Two & Three Saturday Living your Mastery, questions and answers, summary. Evening get-together with presentation of the certificates. Sunday , 10.00 am depart **   Whilst   every   effort   will   be   made   to   adhere   to   similar   agendas,   I   reserve   the   right   to   amend   the programme   to   best   suit   the   needs   of   both   students   and   teachers   alike,   as   well   as   to   suit   the   prevailing circumstances. The   course   is   limited   to   a   maximum   of   10   students,   and   will   include   guest   speakers   and   teachers   as well   as   inviting   contributions   from   other   Reiki   teachers.   It   is   of   course   very   much   hoped   that   you will   share   some   of   your   knowledge   during   the   course,   and   whilst   we   do   not   (as   yet!)   own   a sufficiently   large   Round   Table,   like   the   legendary   Arthurian   Knights   before   us   we   all   sit   as   equals and as One. Please bring with you: Clothing appropriate for spring-time weather, including a warm wind-proof jacket A camera If you work with crystals, your quartz master - crystal Your sense of humour! What to do Now We   are   happy   to   tailor   courses   to   meet   individual   needs   Contact   us   for   an   application   formReiki Contact Page If   you   feel   that   Mastery   is   your   chosen   path,   we   very   much   look   forward   to   sharing   our   knowledge and respective gifts with you . Yours with Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Power, Robert & Lynn Unconditional Love. Love without Conditions You are unique - different from all others. Without   reservation   or   hesitation,   I   allow   you   to   be   in   the   world   as   you   are   without   a   thought   or word   of   judgement   from   me.   I   see   no   error   in   the   things   you   may   say   and   do,   feel   and   believe   since   I understand   that   you   are   honouring   yourself   by   being   and   doing   what   is   true   to   you.   I   cannot   walk   life through    your    eyes    nor    see    it    through    your    heart.    I    have    not    been    where    you    have    been    and experienced what you have experienced, viewing life from your unique angle. I   appreciate   you   exactly   as   you   are,   being   your   own   unique   spark   of   the   infinite   consciousness, seeking   to   find   your   own   individual   way   to   relate   to   the   world.   Without   reservation   or   hesitation,   I allow   you   every   choice   to   learn   in   the   way   you   feel   is   right   for   you.   It   is   vital   that   you   be   your   own person   and   not   someone   that   I   or   others   think   you   'should'   be.   To   the   best   of   my   ability,   without denigrating or compromising myself in any way, and I will support you in that. I   cannot   know   what   is   for   your   highest   good,   what   is   true   for   you   or   what   you   need   since   I   do   not know   what   you   have   chosen   to   learn,   how   you   have   chosen   to   learn   it,   with   whom   or   in   what   time period. Only you can feel your inner excitement and hear your inner voice - I only have my own. I   acknowledge   that,   though   they   may   be   different   to   each   other,   the   many   ways   to   perceive   and experience   the   various   facets   of   our   world   are   all   valid.   Without   reservation   or   hesitation,   I   allow   the choices   you   make   in   each   moment.   I   make   no   judgement   of   this   for   it   is   imperative   that   I   honour your right to your individual evolution, because it empowers that right for myself and all others. To   those   who   would   choose   a   way   I   cannot   or   would   not   walk,   whilst   I   may   not   choose   to   add   my power   and   my   energy   to   that   way,   I   will   never   deny   you   the   gift   of   love   that   God   has   bestowed within me, for all creation. As I love you, so shall I be loved. As I sow, so shall I reap. Without   reservation   or   hesitation,   I   allow   you   the   universal   right   of   free   will   to   walk   your   own   path, creating   steps   or   sitting   still   if   and   when   you   feel   it   is   right   for   you.   I   cannot   always   see   the   higher picture   of   Divine   Order   and   so   I   will   make   no   judgement   that   your   steps   are   large   or   small,   nor   light or   heavy   or   that   they   lead   up   or   down,   for   that   would   just   be   my   viewpoint.   Though   I   may   see   you do   nothing   and   judge   it   to   be   unworthy,   I   acknowledge   that   you   may   be   the   one   who   brings   great healing as you stand calm, blessed by the Light of God. For   it   is   the   inalienable   right   of   all   life   to   choose   their   own   evolution,   and   without   reservation   or hesitation    I    acknowledge    your    right    to    determine    your    own    future.    In    humility,    I    bow    to    the realisation   that   the   way   I   see   as   best   for   me   does   not   have   to   mean   that   it   is   also   right   for   you,   that what   I   believe   is   not   necessarily   true   for   you.   I   know   that   you   are   led   as   I   am,   following   your   inner excitement to know your own path. I   know   that   the   many   races,   religions,   customs,   nationalities   and   beliefs   within   our   world   bring   us great   richness   and   allow   us   the   benefits   and   teachings   of   such   diverseness.   I   know   we   each   learn   in our   own   unique   way   in   order   to   bring   that   love   and   wisdom   back   to   the   whole.   I   understand   that   if there were only one way to do something, there would need only be one person. I   will   appreciate   your   unique   inner   light   whether   or   not   you   behave   in   a   way   I   think   you   should   or believe   in   those   things   I   believe   in.   I   understand   you   are   truly   my   brother   and   my   sister,   though   you may have been born in a different place and believe in different ideals. The    love    I    feel    is    for    absolutely    all    that    is.    I    know    that    every    living    thing    is    a    part    of    one consciousness   and   I   feel   a   love   deep   within   for   every   person,   animal,   tree,   stone   and   flower,   every bird, river and ocean and for all that is in all the world. I   live   my   life   in   loving   service,   being   the   best   me   I   can,   becoming   wiser   in   the   perfection   of   Divine Truth, becoming happier, healthier and increasingly abundant and joyous. Though   along   the   way   I   may   like   you,   feel   indifferent   towards   you,   or   dislike   you,   I   will   not   stop loving   you   -   honouring   your   uniqueness   and   allowing   you   to   be   you.   That   is   the   key   to   peace   and harmony in our lives and around our Earth since it is the capstone of Unconditional Love. Adapted by Paul and Alexandria Walsh Roberts from an unknown original. The Origin, Emergence and Spread of Reiki Healing Systems Usui Shiki Ryoho That   system   attributed   to   Dr   Usui   and   brought   to   the   West   by   Hawayo   Takata.   It   is   taught   as "traditional   Reiki"   and   practised   according   to   the   Form   made   up   of   the   nine   elements:   initiation, symbols,   treatment,   oral   tradition,   spiritual   lineage,   money,   spiritual   precepts,   history   and   the   form of   teaching.   As   taught   by   the   Reiki   Alliance,   each   of   these   elements   are   critical   to   the   dynamic,   and significant   deviation   from   the   Form   is   not   in   keeping   with   the   Usui   Way   of   Healing.   The   four aspects    which    develop    as    a    consequence:    healing    technique,    personal    development,    spiritual discipline and mystic order encourages the student to discover his / her original self. Tibetan  A   two   symbol   system   which   complements   the   Usui   System   to   form   a   powerful   alliance.   The   true Tibetan   system   comprises   as   many   as   25   symbols   of   varying   origin,   and   is   believed   to   be   the   system given to Usui by the Tibetan, Tschen Li. Raku-Kei "The Breath of the Fire Dragon". The "raw" form of Reiki. Seichem This    system    came    into    being    through    several    researchers,    including    Arthur    Robertson,    Patrick Zeigler   and   Kathleen   Milner.   Based   upon   the   Usui   system   and   integrated   with   further   ancient teachings   as   well   as   teachings   given   through   channel,   it   teaches   that   Reiki   is   the   Earth   element   upon which the other rays, Water, Air and Fire, all depend. Once referred to as "Sai Baba" Reiki. Tera Mai Seichem This   is   a   system   similar   to   Seichem,   trade-marked   after   Kathleen   Milner's   dispute   with   William Rand.    Associated    with    this    system    are    the    healing    rays:    Sophi-El,    Sakara    and    Angeliclight, representing the elements Water, Fire and Air-Spirit. Karuna A   much   refined   system   based   on   Seichem   and   trade-marked   by   William   Rand,   it   is   often   referred   to as "Compassionate Action" Reiki. Reiki as a Path towards Enlightenment In   Vajrayana   or   Tantric   Buddhism   ('Vajra'   meaning   diamond,   symbolising   skill,   compassion   and wisdom,   with   the   ability   to   cut   through   illusion,   'yana'   meaning   vehicle),   there   are   five   symbols. These   symbols,   are   very   similar   to   some   of   those   taught   by   Mikaomi   Usui   and   can   be   found   in   the Raku   Kei.   They   represent   the   five   levels   of   mind   or   consciousness   leading   to   enlightenment,   and relate   to   the   chakras,   namely   the   root   or   base,   sacral   and   solar   plexus,   through   the   heart   chakra   to   the throat   chakra.   (Looking   at   it   from   a   chemist's   viewpoint,   enlightenment   may   be   viewed   as   changing from    the    amorphous    state    of    graphite    to    the    clear,    crystalline    state    of    diamond,    or    from    the alchemist's    viewpoint    achieving    spiritual    gold    by    transmutation    of    the    base    metal    lead,    which represents Earthly dross.) Reiki   restores   balance,   and   it   is   through   the   dynamic   harmonisation   and   expression   of   the   polar opposites   of   the   Raku   and   Kei   energies   that   will   enable   Self   realisation   to   be   achieved.   Whilst   the route   towards   the   summit   of   enlightenment   may   now   be   a   little   easier   given   these   new   tools,   it   must be   remembered   that   it   still   involves   a   considerable   amount   of   work,   and   Reiki   is   not   to   be   viewed   as "whiter than white spiritual Rinso which can be applied for instant enlightenment!" It   is   my   belief   that   we   are   entering   a   new   period   of   enlightenment   on   Earth   in   which   the   mysteries   of God   are   finally   being   revealed.   We   are   beginning   to   remember   how   it   was   in   the   beginning   before our   'fall'   into   the   chaos   of   misqualified   thoughts   and   feelings   that   created   the   veil   of   illusion   that   has prevented   us   from   communicating   with   the   Angelic   realms.   The   secrets   of   Reiki   have   been   unveiled that we may, through dedicated self healing, attain Self Realisation and the Enlightened state. According   to   Hermetic   science,   Man   will   not   realise   Spirit   until   his   body   is   made   clean   by   water, and   his   mind   pure   by   fire.   No   man   will   be   liberated   from   the   bond   of   fear   and   ignorance   and   raise his   level   of   consciousness   who   has   not   regenerated   his   body   through   life   energy   and   purified   his mind   through   truth   and   love.   As   we   move   from   the   Piscean   Age   (water)   into   the   Golden   Age   of Aquarius   (air),   through   the   tremendous   changes   that   lie   ahead   for   Humanity   and   the   Planet,   will   this change or Ascension of Man ultimately be realised through Reiki? .