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"You   can't   heal   anyone   but   yourself,   and   nobody   else   can   heal   you.   Healing   is   more   than getting   rid   of   the   symptoms   in   your   body.   It   is   acknowledging   their   origin   and   purpose   and lovingly   releasing   fear   and   discord   from   your   mental,   emotional,   and   physical,vibrations so   that   the   symptoms   are   no   longer   required.   Physical   dis-ease   is   the   last   resort   your   soul has   to   communicate   to   you   the   dis-ease   in   your   consciousness,   which   you   cannot   escape only heal. If you just fix the symptoms, you ignore and limit  divine guidance", Paul Walsh-Roberts on Healing
Bob  is a Reiki Energy Master based in the South East of England, working across the UK. Bob was attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1999 and went on to study a number of Core Reiki Systems and in addition to Traditional Usui and Tibetan Reiki, along  with mastery in a number of contemporary Reiki Systems to complete his energy masters qualification in 2000. Bob has over 22 years experience years in the field of Reiki and energy work, and in addition to working with individuals, works with organisations to bring Reiki Life support to the work place. In addition to our Reiki courses we co-teach along with fellow Reiki Masters Robert Torry, co founder at the chiki foundation and chief wizard at the Wand Workshop, and member of the indigo umbrella group. Bob can be found wittering on the Utube channel below.
Bob is an established crystal wand creator and has been co-creating wands since 1998 extensive examples of our Selenite wands and Light tools may be seen on the wand workshop pages.
Raven over Stonehenge taken by Tania after our
Raku Kei attunment in the inner circle May 2000.
The raven is a sacred bird in many traditions The raven is a teacher of magic and like the hawk was one of the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges The Raven was considered a messenger and a magical bird in the Scandinavian traditions. The Celtic tradition considers the Raven a bird of healing Initiation and Protection. Raven brings the gift of healing at a very deep level by a process of resolution of the opposites as is observed in the Ravens nature. Even now in England legend states that if the ravens ever leave the site of the tower of London, then England will fall. This has its routes in Celtic mythology, here legend states that the Celtic hero Bran the blessed (which also means raven) ask that is head be removed and buried in the white mount facing south. As long as the head remains buried it would protect the kingdom. The tower of London was built on the ancient site of the white mount , and the totem power of the ravens gods head was transferred to the presence of the actual ravens in the tower to ensure the kingdoms safety. This legend is still taken seriously, during the second world war when the tower was bombed the ravens who has lived there for centuries flew away. Winston Churchill who has been initiated into a druidic order in 1908 immediately ordered there replacement with young ravens from north wales and Scotland.  
The Raven has been our companion throughout much of our lives, hence the name of our Reiki practice, and other work at www.ravenswood-services.co.uk .
Reiki Testimonials
Thank you and Bob for showing me that this is all born of love, not competition. I think theres bee a lag for me between the attunements and it kicking in. I can only describe the  Reiki thing in Egypt as a river of love flowing through me to the person i was  trying to help. I just cant describe it well enough,just that even now it makes  me emotional to think about it. I will endeavor to learn more, practice more  and try to be worthy of what you, through the lineage have brought to me. I am  interested in doing level two at some stage, but as to when i think that you  and i will instinctively know when the time is right.
Right now i feel that am changing as a person. I want to mend all my broken bits, and shed some of  the mental baggage I’ve accumulated over my life. I was joking with Bob about life being like the 'Matrix'   and   waking   up   to   the   hell   in   the   film.   Only   i   think   that   in   reality   theres   something   beautiful awakening,   I’m   sensing   it   as   one   would   a   flirting   snatch   of   perfume   in   a   breeze,untraceable,   but   intoxicant   at its source.
 Love and light, its  beginning for me.
The Raven
      Chi-ki was Co-founded by three old friends over the summer of 2019 following an apparently chance meeting at a mates Hawaiian themed wedding, true story folks. Over the course of the conversation and catching up of many years a theme of life challenges, stage 4 cancer diagnosis, bike accidents and Reiki, healing , therapies and use of herbal remedies including Cannabis Sativa L to recover from those challenges unfolded. More on our story at the website www.chi-ki.org.uk